Monday 7 November 2011

The ride

i wait for the lightning
to strike me as i walk
lobby for our rendezvous

but nothing; you are there
appointed time, waiting for me
my legs didn't protest too as

we ride rented convertible
dark tinted windows, smooth
sailing, no one stopping us

no questions asked, we
both know where we are
going, loot stashed in boot

as you close the door, and start
kissing me, i thought the suite will go up
in flames, like in Hell (a fable I was told)

but nothing; so we continue stroking,
grabbing as much skin, hair as we
can for now, until next three hours

skewtering sweet words until
we are riding along waves  
built on a stack of playing cards

real or imagined cues, we brew
until smoke fills feathery suite, stinging
my eyes could not tell anymore

if tic on your left cheek is for real
or just a figment of my imagination.

are you giving me another ride?

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This is my roundabout way of talking about choices and honesty using the prompts from The Gooseberry Garden.    

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  1. I like these lines:
    "we are riding along waves
    built on a stack of playing cards"

    Good work.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. sensuous, a forbidden fruit--hmmm (smile) happy gooseberry day! my offering is here:

  3. Like how it could hit like lightning, which I suppose it can, honesty or a lie, when one realizes the truth, it does hit hard sometimes.

  4. The ride...on a stack of playing cards - riding off the precariousness of it all. Well crafted, Heaven.

    *Cheeky Aside*: interesting that only a vision of hell came up. Guess they'd have to be better players (or do better than ride precariously) to see 'Heaven.';)

  5. "we are riding along waves
    built on a stack of playing cards"

    I really like that, too. Very provocative.

  6. Mmmm. Love this! Great Poem!
    I'm leaving breathless now.

  7. A steamy tryst...very sensual...I think I need a fan :)

  8. oo la questions asked, no words needed...the intension written all over every the playing card use as well..nice heaven

  9. You always offer an intriguing angle on relationships and sexuality.

  10. Wonderful write. Vividly sensual and real. Very nice!

  11. another enjoyable post from you thank you!

  12. Thank you everyone~

    Kerry, I blame this on my over active imagination. I need balance as my work is so technical and precise ~

  13. It is sometimes difficult to tell if someone is being honest with us, or not. Hurts if we discover they aren't though.
    Great piece from you again.

  14. Oh, I like this : ) It is a story in itself, but I'd like to see it expanded into a short story! My mind spinning about how they got there, sensual details, and what is in the trunk! Lol... Gorgeous photo, too.

    I too, love the line with the playing cards...wonderful.

    Very nice, Heaven. I look forwad to more...
    -Eva : )

  15. Holy cow!!

    Just had to say that before I go back and savor this again.

    And I put your button up earlier, I think it's the graphic from Stairway To Heaven?

    Off for that second read now.


  16. And I wanna know more about the loot in the boot!!! :) Such an awesome line!

    reading the comments, I blame your overactive talent.

    I picture a room with an AWESOME view, shades partially open. Great supply in the bar. :)

    One of the best poems I've had the luck to read.


  17. i also like the built on a stack of playing cards..great image

  18. hot, cold, heaven, and on, but where there's smoke there's fire, and I dare say you've just gone and heated up OpenLinkNight

  19. steamy...
    real or imagined cues, we brew
    until smoke fills feathery suite, stinging
    my eyes could not tell anymore

    you don't disappoint :)

  20. Very nice. Really enjoyed. Imagery intense with a beautifully organic flow. Great job, thanks

  21. I'd read this before, it's still a pleasure, and I'm still heated up by it! stop it! I'm too old for this.

    great writing.

  22. Keep your eye on that tic :-)

    nice sensuous poem!!

  23. A saucy piece - you always have a way with the intimate and sensuous!

  24. Oh my. This is definitely well liked. Very sensual yet very human.

  25. This is wonderful. It conveys that exuberance/longing/lust/love that we all remember well (especially with your spot-on descriptions) if lucky enough to have tasted. (And if we were not lucky enough, the poem makes us want to pretend we were.) K.

  26. late, glad to see you share a dish full of taste.


  27. I enjoyed this very much.
    My favorite lines are at the end:

    "if tic on your left cheek is for real
    or just a figment of my imagination.

    are you giving me another ride?"

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  28. I love the piling on of detail and innuendo in this poem-- beautiful. It makes me ache with certain memories of my own shall we say indiscretions.....xxxxj

  29. Well a beautiful and interesting read,... I loved your lines...

    "real or imagined cues, we brew
    until smoke fills feathery suite, stinging
    my eyes could not tell anymore"

    Thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  30. That was quite a ride. I like the way the words move down the page and get faster. Well done.

  31. ..voluptuous – that exactly the range of your poetry my friend... i doubt if i can ever be as liberated as you do in penning your emotions... excellent!
    Good day!


  32. wonderful imagery in your poem.

  33. cool poem very intriguing tinged with guilt ...thank you for sharing x

  34. I really enjoyed reading this poem. The allure of the taboo and the impending threat of hell all twisted in to spicy words is just splendid. I will surely read more. Thank you for spicing up my day.

  35. Lovely and sensual writing. Ah, the threat of hell, didn't always take, did it? This poem was some wild ride!!

  36. There was a little bit of everything in this write. Romance, love, lust, wanting, sex, guilt... Intriguing post....

  37. Wow...this is sexy and sensual ...oh, hell, far beyond that! Erotica in the best sense....a literary sense.


    Lady Nyo

  38. Hello. think Lady Nyo spoke for the both of us!

    You are untouchable my friend!
    Imaged beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Heaven Is You

  39. Cool, clever & sexy. Especially liked this: "skewtering sweet words until
    we are riding along waves
    built on a stack of playing cards".
    Well done.

  40. Sigh for the old gods! Zeus would never had sent his lightning against those who stray, since He did a bit of that Himself in His day! He did, of course, fear the Hell of Hera's fury...

    An intriguing Afternoon Delight. Two women? And could the smoke be from the cigarettes after? No one fell asleep immediately, so I was guessing no male was present in this tableau...

    The house of cards and the tic are both nice touches. Thanks for the ride!

  41. Your stories have such authenticity. I look forward to them each week. Wonderful detail, great lines. They awaken something in us all.

  42. love that first bit:
    "i wait for the lightning
    to strike me as i walk..."

    yikes. :)


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