Thursday 17 September 2015

Ode to Summer

The Red Eternal by Brooke Shaden 

Blue wind
where is your nest & soft feathers? 

I am cold
as fallen pears on moonless night

Where is your kiss ?
A quickening sand, a storm lightning

Swelling the auburn fields to harvest  
ripening fruits to bloom

Heat is a perfume   
you rustle with each breath

Potent as chili spice 
Succulent as amber wine

I haunt hills for your tempest songs
Dazzling as mid-morning upon fainting earth 

The sky is a prism 
scattering gorgeous tendrils of sun's radiance  

I search for my love's voice
From tree to tree

Not silent with copper-burnt petals
But warm and loose as red-wild flowers 

I wait for your return

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Thursday 3 September 2015

Eve's garden

you turn my ribs
stone to water

with every kiss
a tendril is born unto the garden

where yellow tongues of sun
taste of overripe tangerine

soft moss and purple maple leaves
grow out of my mouth

every part of me
is alive & fragrant as lime wood

twined in your nakedness
I am a season, replete with your knowing

your name
smolders under my chest

flowing through the streams of my veins

then why do I 
bleed over the lines of your palms?

Adam and Eve,

by Gail Caulfield, Villa Montalvo (Italy)

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