Thursday 18 February 2016


You dwell between
syllables & lotus leaves
Not a rhapsody of teal
But torrent of kisses & fire
melting winter crystals to rain


Weave your cyan pink sky
between each ice drop chandelier
Touch me with promises
Made long ago, I surrender
to ardent dusk, blooming with tulips

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Monday 15 February 2016

The tainted gift

After a few sips of red wine, you went for a tentative kiss on my lips.   It was tender, soft, smell of fresh ink on brand new page.   I twined my arms around your neck, and pressed for another kiss.   No words were enough, and I was swept into your fiery embrace.   There were no secrets I kept from you as I was an open book.   Soon, you proposed with a diamond ring under the moonless night.   I was thrilled by your passionate declarations, and marked this day, the day.   

Under your persuasion, I threw out caution, and we went on road trips together. It was wild rebellion, goose-bumps intense like "us versus the world".  The tides quickly turned deep & blood-thirsty.  You became the enabler, that I was trying out things I have not done before - marathon drinks & drug-induced parties until the morning.   The final sting came one midnight, when I had to be rushed to the hospital due to severe attacks from heady drug cocktails.   What was in the shadows that nursed your shaking heart?  Or was the darkness already in me, awaiting your touch ?

icy polar wind  
snaps the twigs to white, deadly
still, color of my sky

Inspired by:  "Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift." 
― Mary Oliver

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