Tuesday 10 December 2013

Winter, the birthing

The cold bites
everything to black & white

I know the signs:

A spire tightens around my neck 

Knotted of flowers, black

In darkening sky      
wind stings like a bee

Your absence
dear one is harder than

melting snow

salt-christened, blue teardrop

At night
I lean on your words -

womb, flint, amber

& burn
& burn


Process Notes:   Inspired by nocturne journal of talented photographer Kirsty Mitchell.   She went into a deep depression after the death of her mother.   Fascinated by her late mother's fairy tale stories, she created stunning Wonderland photography. 

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Thursday 5 December 2013

Of spring dreams

Peel back the grey,
for winter is long & bare

of tulips, daffodils, roses 
crimson as the sun

Snuff this lonely candle
until watercolors brim the canvas

Insatiable & lush
of colors bright as tangerine

The day ripens like a fruit 
whilst night unfolds emerald garden

Hold me in your arms
like a spring bouquet, my love


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