Thursday 28 February 2013

A spring sonnet

The falling snowflakes are fierce this morning,
Deceivingly soft, they sting like bitter 
Grapefruit on chapped lips, sharp as your absence

     The room shrinks to tiny, moved by mourning     

     Even the wind relents as trees shiver
     Like lost verses, cut from the roots, condense 

Air wraps the window, milky sheen turning 

Frosted glass, I trace your name in silver 
Then light up the candles with sweet incense 

    The pages in my hands turn to saplings  

    Your words echo, a deep tunneled river                      
    Reminding me to wait, with calm patience  

I whisper - come soon-  like spring , q
A thirsty bee, and I'll be a rose, unfurling

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Saturday 23 February 2013

Night roses

at night, red roses
       shrivel like fearful poems,
       afraid of slightest light & breeze -
blossoming petals
       hide under bed skirts,
       ashamed of bold & silky thoughts -    
round leaves falter
       under weight of thorny encounters,
       hesitant in its footing-

lost is the fragrant
      water, that oils the tongue,
      sweeter than red wine & cream-

one by one, petals fall
      like dead language-
      & i, alone & sleep-starved, 

don't remember why it is even there -  

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Post-valentine note

I love spilling the page     I love ripping pages
I love falling over & over     I love pause
I love feverish words, climbing like ants, blind as bats

I love silver teaspoons    I love spooning at night
I love long afternoon walks     I love getting lost
I love red, reddish & magenta like sinful velvet cakes 

I love heat & pancakes for breakfast    I love fast & slow
I love opening small boxes    I love putting ribbons in boxes
I love pattern of leaves, rings in trees, streaks of sunlight  

I love the smell of fresh coffee    I love dancing to Latin beat
I love sizzling steaks      I love sea salt baths
I love hiss-hiss-hiss of teapot    I love tip-tap-tip-tap of rain

I love melting snow      I love melting together    
I love skin      I love scents     I love colors   
I love waking up to another day with you--

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Monday 18 February 2013

Of black and white

the room plunges into shadows
as your silver tongue licks my face,
slowly stripping my colors & exotic scent
in your haste to drink deeply from me- 

you have turned limbs into fishes
that swayed & followed your swagger & steps 
i grew blind eyes & numbed hunger to what
existed outside these walls, painted in milky gray- 

rainbow colors in a palette,   
shades in varying degrees, now 
roots me like winter trees, searching 
for my clothes,  my fruits, my words- 

our daughter, now grown up     
asked only one thing from you --

look at us- 
violet leaves, scarlet blooms, dark olive eyes-   
not a canvas of black and white -

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Tuesday 12 February 2013


                Are my vowels & consonants
                                Growing in the index of my fingers &
                                (Careless) tip of tongue as I pen
                                With/in parameters & out/er margins-
                                You roll and colour 
                                Every metaphor & simile

                                You cup, measure and fill
                                The cheeks of my verses
                                The zing in stanzas, stress in meters 
                                You are the curl of my (perfect) font
                                Dash in my every-thing & un-finished thoughts 
                                The comma in epilogue, next & always -
                                You candle-burn my pages - 
                                And even though you mess me up with conjugations,
                                The words always lead me back to


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Saturday 9 February 2013

to let you go

                                                              @ Scarlet Verses

i let you go,
& now the bench looks cold --
empty & stilled by ice

even the trees are strangers,   
veiled in heavy crystals
& silent as the cold wind -- 

i walk along the park,
trying to embrace the moment
of your absence, like a warm
candle light 

that flickers my chest,
softer than snowflakes --  
i hold the fragments of your face 
precious as the sun --

sharpens like icicles 
draping my morning window --

good-byes should be transient 
as winter, a flip-side to hellos-
but i find that 
everything burns inside --  

maybe i need to learn the art
of forgetting when i remember, &
of remembering when i forget 

hope curls like a tiny seed 
of spring -- 

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Happy weekend from cold and frosty Canada ~      

Tuesday 5 February 2013

More than yesterday

                                                                  Margaret Bednar                       

You pressed roses on my lips yesterday 
Blooming fragrant, softer than yesterday

My tongue traces your name slowly, deeply  
You are wine, plum sweeter than yesterday

Your music plays in my head, without words
Lifting my wings, stronger than yesterday

My arms hold your peace and words as you sleep
The moon lingers, longer than yesterday

Rain and clouds may dot and dim our sky  
Still I love you better than yesterday

Dance with me until I am old and gray
Weaving colors,  bolder than yesterday

Our limbs entwining, like a bookmarked page,  
Heaven is here, brighter than yesterday 

Poetry Form: Ghazal Sonnet - Ghazals are beautiful poems, originating in Arabic verse from the sixth century, written traditionally about poetically physical or spiritual love, with a melancholic air of separation or longing.    Seven couplets in pentameter with refrain, than yesterday.

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