Saturday 16 November 2013

In Venus

We have the best views:
red sky slurping deeply rim of fire 

As far as our eyes can see
everything is burnt glass & metal

Mountains crusted in mud & basalt 
Heat is a lonely vigil

Wind-scarred, we gather what we
came here for:  rocks & crowns for any evidence of life

Underneath the microscope, we conclude
birthing is possible even in driest & acidic of conditions

We open our mouths
And sailboats winged gold & mauve, scatter

like meteorites that sank our prior
loves to soot & clay 
By afternoon, lightning silvery & violet threads
make us fearless & glorious as pulsing orange sun 

I bring out my secrets at night:  bare
shoulders radiant in candles because there's no moon

in ceiling of storms, only dust
effervescent as wine foaming the plains turbulent blue

We lie down
in the shape of volcanoes, lava & clouds spewing

Soon I am feverish with words
ardently catching everything 

from starlight to tiny dying planets -   
The cosmic wind slows slow
As time floats with us
after discovering we can't handle

black, sumptuous in emptiness
& bottomless space 

Spinning sluggishly,
we lean in like trees

aged amber embracing smoldering planet 
we now call our own.

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Saturday 9 November 2013

Time is water

November makes you thirsty.

      You wake up and the room is flooded

      Water is a good thing, you say
      It is part of the architecture & enhances
      the value of the house
Water is more precious than gold.

      You peer out the window, oxygen-starved -
      Is it strange that you don't freeze when
      furnitures are rain soaked, elated as clouds-

      You have just french kissed your lover 
      but already he is floating  away-
      seaweed hunting, he says -  

You turn away, a wildflower in second place.   

      Where is this storm that you're dreaming:
      unstoppable tides, sky colored flames-

      Perhaps it only exists in your screen saver     
      Or canvas abundant of salt & departing things   

This bottled water is drug.

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Saturday 2 November 2013

The ripening


seeped in my bones & cracks


of color I never knew


violet ash black, magenta fire storm, deep rusted orange


keen & deadly came kneeling


appled leaves climaxing before dying


skin darkly yellowed & smoked, a midnight feast 

I embraced 

subversive dyes, wicked hues, riotous tints  

On canvas

they pulse sharp as bleeding rose, thorns 


& thirsty for spring's greening  


me, restless & unknotted


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