Saturday 28 September 2013

because (( i )) can

fur against skin, 
we discover kinship and language:
vertical emptiness under 

sky, but where
i stall at black void-
you form possibilities

as you hang  
upon bare autumn trees hot 
dripping glue strands

your artist's hands
molding my world to snow -
glazed pristine silver 

suddenly my arms
branch to write blooming roses  
my feet garden 

lush green, i 
weave magical tales:  bear-clad prince, 
stolen treasures underneath

forest trees, i 
tower, my eyes can ((finally)) believe  
what (( i )) can be:

clouds-lifted, fearless, i 
rest words on page ((& nestle close to)) you,  
warm as sun   

SCHNEEWEISSCHEN (Snow-White) by Catrin Welz-Stein

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - We are writing poems based on lovely artwork of Catrin Welz-Stein via Redbubble ~
Poetry form:   Collum lunes (3-5-3 words, mostly ha~) 

Saturday 21 September 2013

Tanka poems: Succulent

let's steal the night
succulent as harvest moon
tinged orange flame 
the sky unfurls soft palette:  
lavender, still a blooming 

                                                        Picture credit:  Just a Picture

your verses tremble 
on my weathered lips-
rain, sweeter wine 
wets my tongue mellowed plum- 
flowers bloom beneath my skin 


morning rain 
drips from bamboo stick- 
what 's the colour of longing?
is it brown like autumn leaves? 
   Or ripe peach, fragrant of you?    

Posted for Imaginary Garden for Real Toads - Sunday's Challenge on Tanka form
and Marian's prompt:   Harvest Moon  ~  I welcome your critique & inputs on my writing ~

Thursday 19 September 2013

September moon

I stand by my window:  red skin  
As heat coils on last summer day
Lingering sweet as nectarines  
I lay down pen & verses – stay

As tonight is harvest moon, pinned
So low in sky, orange bouquet -   
Let’s celebrate, I say.   You grin-
Light spills – sunset, moonrise, flaming

Each seed, each grain, a wine so sin-
Fully lush, we collect & weigh   
These nights as silvered gems, claiming
Them as ours, one-of-a-kind   – stay  

I sway

 into the night:  plump orange

A pearl drop above thick maple trees, 

Or a mirage,  silvered  grey  as my hair 

I take out  my  white veil,  now  worn  frail

There is a time to forget,  letting  tides  fall

But tonight, when moon wraps the sky, 

luminous purple,   radiant  bride, 

Remembering is all 


Posted for D'verse Poets Pub  -  Tonight is the harvest moon ~
Poetry form:  tetrameter-trimeter ballad form, using the rhyme scheme: ABAB, ABAC, ABCB.

And 55 moon-lit words for the G-man ~  Thanks for the visit ~

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Thursday 12 September 2013

The mellow sounds

1992 - Sade

She sings blue 

    diamonds, cold as ice

Saxophone croons low/slow
    swaying, undulating silk

Fingers snapping to

    rhythm of raindrops falling  

I turn wet 

    percussions to crackle/sparkle 

My blood turns red/violet sky

    as I recall your hot burning kisses 

I'm melting, I'm sliding down/ground  

    as she sings blue

diamonds, cold as ice

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Jazzy inspired poems
and 55 melting words for the G-man - Thanks for the visit ~  

Saturday 7 September 2013

don't you remember

nights we stole away like art thieves 
          from the crowds

mid-afternoons we melted like dark 
          sticky chocolates in our hands   

long walks on beaches dotted 
          coconut trees & wooden huts 

boat rides, early morning talks,
          mirrored walls, spicy dishes

you never gave me flowers 
          but one ivory shell, palmed-smooth 

as you traced words on my skin
          imprinted passion, mapled & lush

we mixed colors, painting canvases 
          until we ran out of breath, reasons & time  

swiftly passes by,  leaf by leaf 
         clocking blur as heavy fog hides my tears

autumn air descends once more  
         & you're not here   

slowly, the sea is swallowing me-
         mories dyed in sunset & sands

where do we keep them? i asked -
         in clouds, visible only to us, you said-  
i drink red wine after dinner to
         forget the embers in your eyes

& sky so blue, that shade of blue 
         ink, fire & dust 

         & i remember  

Posted for D'verse Poet Pub - Hosted by K ~ I will be by to return your visits ~  
Picture credit:  Tumblr

Tuesday 3 September 2013


you are looking at me

beyond messy hair 
beyond my crooked nose 
beyond scars, nicks & lines  
beyond my smudged fingernails
beyond lack, trying to fill, almost 
beyond my dry kisses
beyond tongue & spit
beyond my claws & rages
beyond light apologies & heavy silence
beyond these hands, which sometimes forget you
beyond my waistline
beyond moods & unpredictable demands 
beyond my legs 
beyond unpolished, grime & vomit
beyond my cheeks  
beyond sparkle, skin & guts
beyond my history

you are looking at me

and i feel beautiful