Saturday 28 February 2015


Your hands over the piano keys
are light, a harmony of chemical blue

The rhythm not only thrums

but they grow as words under my breastbone

and leaps to my mouth

I let them out

They bristle soft as nettles & silver green

as sagebrush, the fruit is luscious

As your kiss, charging electric, sudden flame

healing my old wounds

My voice rises with your lyrics
Enraptured by love's musicality 

Your hands over mine

beckons, steady as a bridge

We walk on water, we own the thunder

We are birds feeding from the same sea

The room sizzles with percussion & drums

Then slithers tender as acoustic strings-

Outside the snow melts under sun's yellow fingers

I lean on you, pink-flushed

tangled as delicate clasp around your neck
as our song plays on repeat-

We walk on water, we own the thunder
We are birds feeding from the same sea

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Sunday 15 February 2015


Marble sculpture by Bernini

I won't promise you the apple
My love is not always sweet & ripe
But they're yours to keep like petals

plucked, crowning your golden hair
My words can be thistle & inferno
I won't promise you, the apple

Under sky of summer blue
I live in sea of flames, crimson as my hands
But they're yours to return to, like petals

pressed of lily, violets and white trillium 
Bounded with pomegranate seeds 
I won't promise you the apple

Only its seeds that harbors spring
And comes with steady beat, My love
They are yours.  Keep them as petals

perfumed of devouring storm.    Fear no falls
As I will always be here, your safe landing 
I promise you, not only the apple, but fruits
of all my seasons, yours to keep, unpetalled-

Inspired by ending line of Carilda Olivar Labra's poem:
Eve's Discourse:  my love, and I promise you the apple. 

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Thursday 12 February 2015

Declarations of Love

Photography by Brooke Shaden

The streets are empty of cars & people
Yet the smell of gasoline is lethal
Bombs are coming, war is crossing a bridge
Pressing each day to tight corners. Pistol

Shots ring with red sirens in perfect pitch.
But wait, don't march outside! I am bewitched
with flames in your eyes. Set aside your knives,
your acid chemicals. I am no witch

With a secret room full of honey & chives
I have only this nightfall to survive
The sky will be black ash, a toxic glove
Let's not waste time with apologies!

Tear these pages clothing my skin ice tough
Kiss me deep & long, let's melt by moon cusp
Because something horrible is happening-
and I haven't had time enough to love.

*Title and ending lines by Cuban poet Carilda Olivar Labra

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Saturday 7 February 2015

Eve's Discourse

Venus Verticordia by Dante Gabriel Rosetti

Tonight, I'll draw my spear
& pierce your snow-veiled skin
with fire
with fever

Why are you hiding from me
Like moon last night
Blurring, dissolving quick as smoke

Time has a long memory
when the world is a silhouette grey
with ice
with sleet

Come back with your storm
& unpredictable rain
your swagger
your tempest of metal & light

I will gamble
That our kisses will return
like a fresh sword
like a flaring spell of first day of spring

Your words
will salt my bland food
spice & flavor
my music and canvas 
crisp, textured with hundred nuances

Touch my body like a potter's hands
every grain & freckle 
to red
I will open as white flower 
with poison seeds
with savage heart

Come back to me, come back, *
penetrate me with lightening,
Bend me to your will.
We'll turn the record player on forever.
Bring me that unfaithful nape of your neck,
the blow of your stone.
Show me I haven't died,
my love, and I promise you the apple.

*Title and Last stanza by Cuban poet, Carilda Olivar Labra

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