Thursday 23 October 2014


Let me count the ways:

The day is a splendor in glass
Weaving my brokenness to light

My memories, sepia & rust-veined
Ignite with colour & shades of robust wine

Though the pinery oaks are shedding fast
My eyes are glad of piles of sweet apples

Of plums, pumpkins, & pears in baskets
The sun burns, soft as milkweed

I tally fallen maple leaves on ground:
Orange brown, yellow corn, russet wood

As I lay my head on bed of wet leaves
Your eyes are crinkling of sky

I hear murmurings of starlings  
I taste the pulp of orange tamarind fruit,

Shaved ice on purple yam & custard-
Bread, newly baked, is honey on my tongue

Your kisses, hard of passion
Swirls my skin to roaring sea tide 

Where but here
Leaves flame until the last dying breath

You are the beekeeper,
Keeping my heart a seed

In this garden of nettle sage,
blue cornflower & lavender

You are the reason I stay

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Milk & Honey

Music weaves in our

Once when we were

Running around city

Perfume of flowers on our

We rock town with milk &

Jazz & blues & reggae

Climbing faster, we shake 
                                       & sway

Now the sky is a mellowed

Watching every moment

to ripeness.   Time is a

guitar strings on slow

keyboards & horns bubble

You, who still plucks

from air & kisses me wild at

Get lost in rhythm, a

Pulsing, electric waves 

Of soul & instrument, while

Marvel how we love each

The beat goes on, on &

Photography by :  Benoit Courti

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I'm listening to some reggae roots music ~  The title is from one of the songs ~

Sunday 12 October 2014

A distance divides us

What the blood moon stirs, contains you  
a pearl oyster against the lilac clouds

What the sky silvers, turns the past
to water of memories and foam

What the maple trees bare, skins the
night to fragments, fragile by time

The cold wind sands, awakening
me, frozen in our memories

I watch dawn unfold, its fingers threading
a spider web, marbled in infinite blue

To the deepest of the wells
I draw you, scent of shadows & pines

Your image smiles in its pure circle*
But what of your face as I reach to touch you?

It wavers, growing old, belonging 
to another*

Title and line inspired by E. Montale's poem, The Well

(Cigola la carrucola del pozzo)

The pulley of the well-shaft creaks,

water rises to the light and dissolves you.
A memory trembles in the refilled pail,
an image smiles in its pure circle.
Touch your face to evanescent lips:
the past wavers, grows old,
belongs to another…
Ah, how the wheel groans
already, returns you to the dark depths,
vision, a distance divides us. 

Frozen in Water
Photography:   Brooke Shaden

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Thursday 25 September 2014

Death wish

pulled me quickly
to tides deep & brooding-
a part of me defied the rush
of drowning but the sea opened its arms
pillow soft, the pain receded
gentle as needle prick
i want to fall,


on my own terms
i don't wish for slow death,
for  terrible  decay of  mind
to break me inch by inch, no i want to 
leave with purple blooms on my hands,
with your face close to mine
your love ever

The quiet death
Photography:   Brooke Shaden

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Sunday 21 September 2014

When your voice is like rain

The sky is a single brushstroke
of aquamarine 
Though many voices speak

Yours is like amber

Yours is like saffron
yellowing my tongue of spice

Even above glass floor 

the wind sweeping the leaves in
tiny islands  

Yours is like violin

Yours is like bow
streak of fire,
veins careening open
pupils dilating in rushing tide

catching me

in autumn's early shroud 
How can I forget your voice?
You ripple all my memories
like whispering birds with nowhere to hide
who fly with them

who always come back with bluest of plums

Many voices speak.*
Through them all
I hear only yours
falling as a night rain.

Inspiration and lines from Karin Boye:   Many Voices Speak

Posted for Imaginary Garden for Real Toads - Sunday's Challenge:  Swedish Poetry hosted by Bjorn Rudberg - We are writing to the poems by Swedish writer Karin Boye

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Picture credit:   here

Tuesday 2 September 2014

three faces of the moon

moon over basel

sketch me a round moon
above grey sheen of city lights
draw long bridge over river
the night is a symphony
silvered blue, when you're with me


ivory & ink
shading the canvas star-strewn:
spirals, patterns, glass
the night is a mosaic
flaring between our bones


moon shading our eyes
river moulting its skin
wind slithering softly-
the sky night thrums, speaking 
a language of its own

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Saturday 30 August 2014


Waiting for her wolf

pen me a memory
of a gypsy wolf

dark golden fur
streaking across forest

thick of bird cries
piercing marsh-waisted oak trees

set her pulse
beating madly as red moon climbs

& rides the sky
hard, there's no holding back

hunger in eyes nor claws
aching for hard flesh & raw blood

spill on white pages
her ravishment of night, musky & salty

split her thighs
into hundred aching valleys, thrilling

to chase & mayhem,   
storm of release & splendor of

rending boundaries apart
they are hers alone to mark & own

or lose
to the one true love who always set her free

frame by frame
capture this moment, poignant as last kiss

she is my kindred spirit
caught in glass cage, wintered by 

fa d i n g
m e m o r   i   e    s

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Thursday 17 July 2014

At Poet's Ball

Tonight, red wears me 
a language I have forgotten

Wild mustard, scent of summer rain
Taste of plump mango, beat of salsa dance

My mask sighs 
I love being a woman who adores lusty words 

But does my color matter  
when you see right through me 

Underneath lace & lipstick  
The moon is our twin sister

Keeping our secrets until ink drips
from our fingers, where words war

with bees in seducing flowers for a kiss 
Don't mind me at dessert & wine corner

Sipping slowly each passionate voice 
from sonnets, haiku to free style street verses

Here's my card
Let's kick up a storm

Because when poets gather
words on the floor stir, awakening

between knot & blossom
between cusp & flight

I begin a collection 
of apple seeds for long winters ahead

Tonight, I celebrate with you 
words as art

a language I have forgotten

From: the lady in red 

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Picture credit:  here

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Summer storm

the night bursts
a tinderbox on my hands -
      what was closed, dilated


           leaned forward  
defying lines & customary ex-
     change of words

rain seeps
a dark splinter in my bones -
      what was keyed up, flayed


struck, firebolt
dripping down my thighs, turning everything
              fresh wound

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Saturday 28 June 2014

a tango dance

it's the guitar strings that tricks
my eyes into believing i'm afloat on dance floor
fluffy skirt held by thumbs
one foot paused, as if on mid-air flight
chin up, ears perking to drum sounds

until a strain of notes limber
like glass blowing into a bubble in one exhalation
your lips
curved, rolling back, slice of sun-dappled wave 

You lift me, as if we are crossing over the threshold
The edge, 
I don't keep watch over your shoulders
As you set me loose, in a twirl, in a loop
To catch me again
The long moan of dance snaps,
dilates, wraps a fire
seething like first day of summer
All the words are not enough in the flare & tumult

But for your eyes, stormy in the after shade
And I am breathing hard
Pulse stirring, my appetite
leaps like an arrow
threshes in the crest & down your back-

And we are dancing again as if the night will never end -

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Sunday 22 June 2014

Summer sky

is a halved peach,
swelling of sugar, red  
on your tongue, rain 

We keep watch of summer fireflies
Flitting of orange red
Dazzling of lights, a symphony
Cloaking night with silk threads 

       Let's stay

               under the stolen sky


As two seed pods, marking
Time a bandit, for come sunrise
All too soon, we're parting 

The above poem follows Robert Herrick's stanza form:

x x x x x x x a
x x x x x b
x x x x x x x c
x x x x x b
x x x x x d
x x x x x e
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x e 

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Thursday 19 June 2014

Eve of summer solstice

I carry the darkness of the moon
Its scar is the long shadow swelling
on my cheeks

I am packed and ready to go
To northeast meadow, my pockets
waiting for summer

I want to know what you believe
for us:  are we reckless like black crows
or growing as taproot

Here, where the seasons move like clock
Red-tipped, guzzling of morning dew  
Brown-fallen, nipped by evening wind

Tell me our story again
How we met, how we watched dawn
tiptoe its feet above sea tides

How you kiss me so slowly
As if time is slow twister, kite-tangled 
As if time is language, lost in your eyes  

Let me not lose my way
Let me not shatter into thousand pieces
           ink, thistle, seeds

before I find
That it's you that makes the longest day
sun-dappled, delicate silk as dragonfly wings

Let me come back whole
Let me remember & touch you once again

My second skin
My wild river

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Thursday 12 June 2014

The strawberry and pepper game

I braid strawberries

on my hair,

vanilla blue shaken, I

preen searching for right

combination of

pivot & percussion 

spices & silence

much like

sugar & tomatoes

hot chili & chocolates

salt & freshly ground coffee

to say my words

pepper-dashed, sultry cream on your tongue.

My head is a pickle of contradictions

Which you don't mind at all

I pucker my lips

bloody ruby, half bowl of moon, 

& wait for you to

read my scrumptious invitation.

One thing I'm not:  brain-

washed lobster fingerlings in your soup-

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Picture credit:   here

Thursday 5 June 2014


I cup your face with my hands
like white tulips

in full bloom
But then everything with you 

is a bud
or flaring leaf

when the moon draws its bow 

to amber our skin
with harvest of the season

The sting of joy, lilt of crimson tide
engulfs me

Mingling with a taste of sorrow 
for fleeting moments of spring

Double-edged, the night orbits
into its own mystery-

We can't carve nor grasp it
but in silent reverence 

let it wash over us 
speaking its own words & perhaps

bearing flowers so rare
we melt as if our bodies are on fire- 

How beautiful the moon rises

As I embrace you  
with all tenderness in me 

Whatever words brim on my lips
is inadequate, language fails me

each time
I love you

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Saturday 31 May 2014

Black and white

Is where sky & road


Salt chafes my back

he rides me hardest

The weight of him in my grain
His kisses

land on my hands
like two small birds 

I can barely rise

above burdens that weigh me


I write this poem 
to put an end on this curse.

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Thursday 29 May 2014

Five chords to rain

Gold Teardrop by Anne Marie Zilberman

When the pink and gold specks of dawn illuminated the small room, she was ready to let go.   To stop clinging to what can be.  To cease dragging her feet for another uncomfortable night at the hospital couch.  To will her eyes to sleep and hanker for dreams that would not come.  She was so tired from worry and exhaustion of searching for the cure to ease his pain.   The battle is now coming to a close.   After a long night, his eyes had become tranquil, as if he had found his haven.   

Closing her eyes, a teardrop falls.   The chorus of spring is melancholy.   Two, three, now a cluster of rain.  Four, five, she is drowning in the perfume of sorrow. 

low river tide 
a lone seagull glides above -
white bleeds from my eyes   

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Tuesday 20 May 2014

May sky, spring songs

Come rain, early & hasty
I am lean & bare as taproot 

Come sun, wild as dandelions
Fingers seeding soft soil

Come lost with winter memories
But musky earth, thick of pine cones

& dewdrops until
Dawn crowns my hair with greening buds

You cup my face
As you would a flower, blooming

sturdy, bucking the cold spell
Weighing down full symphony of spring  

I hear
anyway, echoing of samba nights 

Lean closer as if I am holding

knot of your beating heart

The symmetry of our seasons
              Riding, cresting, falling
We are a single petal

Resting under boughs
pink against wood, lush of lavender sky  

Where you are, I am
Ink, color, swelling honeycombs

Fragrance of new day
seeps, awakening

Because I want to do with you
what spring does with the cherry trees.

“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.” 
― Pablo NerudaTwenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

This is my third time to use this quote every spring time, smiles ~  I never tire of it nor of Neruda poems.  
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Thursday 15 May 2014

Spring madness

dark skies, lithium clouds, 
wild green flames

-  spring


morning's mad rush towards 
white tulips

- bees

we are rain-drenched to skin
moist as buds  

-  sparks


purple night thrums above
pearl-strung moon

-  kiss

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Saturday 10 May 2014

Sorrowful Songs

Remove the cloak from your eyes

What you see as shadows are bubbles   

What you deem as cracks are stitches 

To you, born into war

A lover's face is a poised gun, ecstatic for more

Blood, but I'm not made of red dust & chipped wood

For you, I would be

seeds, dried & salted for next season's harvest

leaves, bottled in oil & strained for autumn's feast

fruits, sugar-stirred & melted warm, sweet wine

If only you can rein in the beast inside 

You, the one turning your honey tongue to stone

And strikes a fist from dead bone heart

Even in your murderous gaze,

I will not drift away, helpless as small bird  

Here is my offering - a healing, a moving of wings-

a flare reflecting my mother's face.  


She is a survivor too.

Sorrowful Songs:  Duet

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Thursday 1 May 2014

Sonnet: When love conquers distance

I say goodbye now with bittersweet tears
The ten days have gone so swiftly like sands
Blown away by your golden smile.   You spear
My chest with longing.  Come and hold my hands

One last time.  Before I board the airplane 

I draw a kiss, long & deep.  How my pulse
Quickens & flames with your soft touch.  Insane
I am to believe 'tis love, not mad impulse

Shadows inside me, wounds long ago, flee 

Doubts crippling my words, fade & disappear
With you, mornings become glorious to see 
Dappled blue-pink, I dream of you so near

So close I hear you whisper a sacred  

Vow, Soon !  Our lives, twining, undivided !   

Inspired by Blogging Love Story by Keith & Beate - I take poetic license, smiles ~  Congrats to the engaged couple ~

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Shakespeare Sonnet - 14 lines with abab cdcd efef gg rhyme scheme.