Tuesday 14 October 2014

Milk & Honey

Music weaves in our

Once when we were

Running around city

Perfume of flowers on our

We rock town with milk &

Jazz & blues & reggae

Climbing faster, we shake 
                                       & sway

Now the sky is a mellowed

Watching every moment

to ripeness.   Time is a

guitar strings on slow

keyboards & horns bubble

You, who still plucks

from air & kisses me wild at

Get lost in rhythm, a

Pulsing, electric waves 

Of soul & instrument, while

Marvel how we love each

The beat goes on, on &

Photography by :  Benoit Courti

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Hosted by Anthony D ~
I'm listening to some reggae roots music ~  The title is from one of the songs ~


  1. The beat sure carries indeed as long as two are willing

  2. ha. cool structure...the last word like a down beat
    love some reggae as well...there is an intricate simplicity to it...
    who plucks flowers from the air....i would stop and smell
    that beat...

  3. Ooooooooh, I love this line ~ 'Time is a bass guitar, strings on slow tempo'

  4. smiles.. the beautiful rhythm of love... there's a nice intimacy and tenderness...

  5. The smooth composition accentuate the passion in the song of life.. I like it a lot.

  6. I read this aloud--beautifully written and the structure is stellar... the beat carries its way to the end; and what a classic way to end it as well, "the beat goes on & on". a few songs I love have that line...

  7. Nice beat to it! Very cool!

  8. Smart, cool, inventive, almost a whole new form, musical to the max, raggae-rocking the prompt, about sprained my foot tapping along; like the line /now the sky is a mellowed apple/.

  9. Lovely lines Grace. Nice how you give the writing rhythm. Very creative and enjoyable. I love that the beat goes on.

  10. Ah--really lovely Grace--does make me want to sway

  11. Nice soulful words Grace - I finished reading, but the effect stayed with me.

  12. I am reading these poems in the order that they appear in dVerse. It is like listening to an album and each cut/poem leads me to a different place and "the perfume of flower on my arms" took me to a place I'd forgotten that I had been :)

  13. Beautiful, Grace, and it takes me back into my own earlier musical memories.

  14. I like how music and love are woven together in your lines, Grace. Somehow some of your words made me think of the hippie era.

  15. You have me swaying until I swooned at the end. Fabulous poem!

  16. Beautiful description of life's rhythm Grace.

  17. a beautiful blend of music and words. Sounds like you two painted the town red with bluesy reggae notes.

  18. this felt like it could be sung .... da da da da da da daaa - it flows like a love song. nice

  19. The form of the poem is really interesting. You actually have a second poem in the vertical with the words that are set apart. Nice!

  20. Well.. i love your flow of words in rhythm and song high and low...

    the form is the flow.. as well as the song.. but the essence of is..
    is always is...

    is always is.. but is..
    always is...;)

  21. I really like the structure too, that last word dangling, which makes us focus on it in particular, like a strong final beat.
    Milk and Honey also reminds me of a jazz song I loved as a child - was it Dizzy Gillespie? I can't remember. It was my mother's recipe for a sore throat - warm milk sweetened with honey.

  22. I enjoyed the way you've structured this poem.

  23. Uber groovy piece- had a really nice flow to it, wonderful images, and an interesting structure. Love- "Now the sky is a mellowed / apple"

  24. Watching every moment turn to ripeness - I love that line. Amazing what some music can provoke in our minds. Have a beautiful week and thank you!

  25. So true, Grace, as an orchestra our world is constantly playing

  26. ... reminds me of a band by the name of "Ragin Fya" ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  27. ... and humming until we die, I hope

  28. Very beautiful...I love how it ends because it seems to go on...and on...like forever music in the background of our lives.

  29. Grace - this is filled with such musicality - loved the clever structure

  30. nice flow...I liked the structure you employed...I hope the best continues for you.

  31. so musical and uplifting, Grace, i can almost hear the melody. loved this.

  32. really nice, Grace!

    i hope all is well with you & your family, dear!

  33. that's a down beat ~

  34. i enjoyed moving to the beat of this poem.

    it really reminded me of one of my favorite songs 'warm wispers' by missy higgins. you can find it on youtube.

    i'm so happy i came across your blog...how talented you are.

    i am adding a link to your blog to my blogroll!


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