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Recipes for Hemlock    
My two poems are in this 2014 issue:  The Immigrant & Let it Bleed
Thanks to Boston Poetry Magazine and D'verse Poets Pub


My two poems are included in Winter Issue (2013). Thanks to Emerge Literary Journal.
The Aftermath (Lunes)
the night drowned    
blue, silver and black ash
under quartered moon

honey-sipped, the waves 
quickly swelled into a tsunami
drained of salt

bittersweet like grapefruit
sucking tears, words and flesh --
i drifted, swallowed       

dry by sea -- 
shattered shell, deranged of memories 
from your leaving  

My four poems are included in dVerse Anthology (2013)  

1.  Fear
2.  Of this morning sun and peaches
3.  Better than I am
4.  Peace haiku

Better than I am (Ghazel Sonnet)

Red lights at the bar flickers smoky flame  
I order wine & cheese, savoring flame   

Slow music brings strangers to dance sweet &
tangled kisses -- but I drift, waning flame      

Moonlight gleams on my ordinary face 
Anxieties mothballing, snaring flame 

Heat soaks my hair into knotted brown ropes,
I pen words -coarsely pale as dying flames 

I might look better if you dim down lights
To candle tap, softer flowering flame 

My dreams bring me wading out to the sea   
Weaving a storm with fingers - snapping flames  

You gaze at me with awe, breathless, inflamed  - 
Here I am, better than I am - beautiful flame   

Bottled Memory  
Winter (Dec.) 2012 issue of Emerge Literary Journal



   Urban Dreams
   Nain Rogue, First Issue, September 2012 
   Thanks to D'verse Poets Community


Poetic Pin-up Revue - February 2013

The Chase

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The Rain - The Poetic Pinup Revue - May Issue 2013

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