Sunday 30 December 2012

Shaken by your beauty

                                       i am awakened by beauty
                                                          crystal flake & sunset -
                  tangerine bloom, speckled pink cheeks 
                                       i gaze, basking your scent  
      by joy, keenly taken
                                                   i speak     
                                       no words, as if lightning 
                         arrowed my tongue, piercing ruby-    
                             heart to burst into spring  

                                         you fall by the crackling coal fire 
          snow drift of seeds and pines -  
                         alabaster skin turning gold
                                         i dream that you are mine   
like a leaf,  deep aching    
                            to fold    
                                         my arms are lengthening 
                 to cup your spires, hollows and flare
                            until there's us - ripening

Posted for OpenLinkNight of Imaginary Garden with Real Toads & Poets United
and Sunday's Challenge - based on form of  Robert Herrick's poem - To Daffodils

x x x x x x x a                                               Inspirational quote:
x x x x x b                                                    “You lethargic, waiting upon me,
x x x x x x x c                                               waiting for the fire and I, 
x x x x x b                                                     attendant upon you, shaken by your beauty.
d                                                                  Shaken by your beauty.
x x x x x d                                                     Shaken."
c                                                                 ~William Carlos Williams 
x x x x x e
x x x x x x x a
x x x x x e 

This year has been a productive year of writing for me.   I have written 132 for this blog, and another 176 in my other blog, a total of 309 for 2012.   Thank you for all the support and encouragement.   Happy New Year to all my blogger friends.

Wednesday 26 December 2012


is finding old photographs
you & me

smiling carelessly 
by beach and island cove  

moments seized & held
like south pearls in farm


as youthful cheeks, reckless  
of stolen kisses         

dyed-orange wrap & caps
glows like summer sky 


on sepia, burnt golden & 
amber, flickering  warm       

as white sands fade, 
falling into dusty albums


me & you  

Posted for Poetry Jam - Happiness and Flash Fiction 55 - For the G-man

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Saturday 22 December 2012

Red Christmas

Outside -- 

cold wind rattles glass windows 
maple trees are bare of leaves 
               & snowdrops 

Inside -- 

presents still unwrapped 
Christmas carols waft with herbs 
              & fragrant fruits  

Under -- 

neath the sheets, 
I snuggle to read words - past, present 
             & possibilities 

the morning 
gifts rebirth, joyful and bright as red 
            (&) poinsettias

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Wishing you a bright Holiday & Blessed Christmas ~  
Thanks for all the gifts of encouragement and support for the year ~ 

Red poinsettias here, white blooms in my other blog.

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Tuesday 18 December 2012

December morning

comes in all shades of blue
in the city sky   

light-grey to midnight purple,
painting melancholy for all things

past - simple & wrapped in red ribbons, 
bright faith of star lanterns along church street & 

smell of freshly rolled rice cakes & 
children's carefree laughter -

a father's heartbreak echoes in the wind,
shading dusk the bleakest canvas - 

we are silent as the sun rises 
on its toes,
slow richochet of orange spirals & pink pools, 

dispeling the mist, softening the hard-
ened skein of maple trees yearning 
for leaves --   

the pavement trembles 
between my pale cheeks and stomach -- 

suddenly, the sun is in your eyes - bright as  
we munch on sugary doughnuts & sing lyrics  

from the radio, we scatter 
love notes along the way, happy just to be --


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I am happy to share with you that my poem  Bottled Memory is part of the Winter 2012 Issue of Emerge Literary Journal.   I had originally written this based on Painting: “Bottles” by Borg de Nobel (picture at the left). 

Wishing you Happy Holidays ~ 

Tuesday 11 December 2012

At the Italian Cafe

air - scented with red-spicy sauce
clings to leather jacket & gypsy hair.
inhale --    

crisp buttered-bread in dipping oils,
garlic sauteed mushrooms, in-between butterfly
conversations & sipping periwinkle-iced wine.   
listen --

voices of people,
ubiquitous holiday carols,
grinding pepper mill,
crackling spice seeds,
clicking of cutlery,
heels on linoleum tile.
soak -- 

for a moment the thick air. 

bring it home with you.
do not wash it away, 
instead wear it to bed.
stain your sheets, 
alabaster-silk pillows,
your lover. 
kiss --

indigo-inked skin,
slowly as you would savor freshly
ground peppercorn, olives, basil &
spices sprinkled over the pasta noodles -
fiery, orangey-lit, sweat rolling backside - 

serendipity or synchronicity -
words brim from lips.     
& you --

are never the same again. 

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Thursday 6 December 2012

On autumn's last day

I.    For Flash Fiction Friday 

You smell of sea tide this morning,
Rough, unpinned edges, eager to soar away
Stretching wings in grey-blue sky, hearing only heartbeats from warmer shores

But I am unlike those geese migrating southward 
Season after season, roots dig deeper, leaves huddle closer 
For the last time,  I taste the plump pomegranate seeds you offer me    

II.   For D'verse Poetics

I will wait here by river's edge -
Wrapped in heated blanket of us
Sunlight flickers low in white mist
Maple trees still, breathless statues

As winter drapes like bridal veil 
I will wait here by river's edge -
Writing poems and letters to you
As you sail, wingspan gliding wide  

The days and nights collide like dream -
Icy crystals drops, snow castles -   
As I wait here by river's edge
Writing songs, words flowing like wine 

Ferments the anticipation
My hands weave our pictures and words
Into the emerald-spring frame -- 
Here, I will wait by river's edge

Posted for:   Flash Fiction Friday - Tell a story in 55 words - For the G-man.
And for D'verse Poets Pub - FormforAll - Quarterns - Written in 4 quatrains.

I was driving the 10 lane freeway yesterday and saw a flock of geese flying southward.  Winter, though light, is upon us in the city.   Thanks for the visit.

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Monday 3 December 2012

Not I

Snowdrops (Model: Jane Morris)
Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Creative Commons

White snowdrop is gentle
Not I – a shrub with heartless blooms   
Dark secrets brew from my kettle
Spells of love doom                            
Adorn these walls of scentless leaves and nettles

Morning sky is faithful
Not I  - reckless as the sea tide
Searching for fruits – sourly brittle
Uneven sides
My words knife your chest – hush – death is gentle  

Poetry form:  5 Lines of 6-8-8-4-10 syllables and rhyming scheme of a b a b a~  

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Saturday 1 December 2012

Missing you

first blush of snow
fell this morning 

 - the color of sadness
   is white -

bereft of sweat, and 
memories of your hands  

rough as brown soil
trailing my inner thighs

your soft lips
opening the core of me

stains the bed sheets
stormy sea and darkest sky

- the taste of black tea 
  is spicy - 

devoid of secrets-
the room becomes just another room 

white walls, full of unopened boxes 
cabinet shelves, bare of cutlery   

but aches - sealed tight in jars  
and papers - inked by echoes  

of your words, slow gentle rain
on my face, canvas of longing

- without you, 
  all seasons are the same -

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I am happy to be on-line and devoting more time to writing ~ 

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