Sunday 9 August 2015

Woman to Man

This is the soil that labors 
beneath our feet, growing damp
with rain, with seeds
In late summer, a red blooming
that catches the sky's opal eyes

This is the leavening our bread 
seeks, the grit our veins inhale
when our ribs twine
petal & spine
imagining light spilling over us

This is the river-sap that seeks
our bodies, every valley & groove 
at rest, or rocking to birthing tides
The bones that shape your thighs strong
The fire that makes me arch my back

In the moonlight
This is our hunt & chase:
That we give & take
Each other's fruits, our tongues
running along this quicksilver blade-

Oh hold me, my fearless love- 

Title & poem inspired by Judith Wright

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Thursday 6 August 2015

Two Summer Tanka

you fill summer nights
with cicada songs 
tempting all my fruits
i settle beneath your moth wings
ribbed with moon's ardor, dazzled-


in sudden hailstorm
seeded black as ripe plum 
your tongue is ice
on my heated skin, a snowflake
drifting, light as cotton seed-

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