Thursday 30 June 2011

Friday Romantic Challenge: Lies!

she was coming home at last
it has been 5 years since she left town 
she was burned out, depleted and exhausted
she was searching for something... for anything
maybe her spirit that was buried under the forest
maybe her heart along the river bank she grew up
she wanted to know if her life
for the last 5 years in the city was real
or was it all 
a lie

she walked towards a spot she knew so well
there it was - a small river with boulders on the side
she sat on a rock and stared at her reflection in the water
in a heartbeat she remembered one hot afternoon
when his friendly smack turned into a lover's sip
gripping her hips, they tumbled into the water
trembling and weaving, with only the trees hearing their cries  
it was the summer of their innocence lost
it was also the summer she said goodbye
she told him she was accepting an opportunity she couldn't let pass
she promised him that she would keep in touch
and that she was coming back
but the weeks and months turned into years
she told him

she took off her shoes and clothes on an impulse
bracing herself, she stepped in the cold water 
her soles felt the pebbles and grime underneath   
in her undergarments, she splashed water everywhere
reveling in the refreshing water
she felt her make up peeling off, her hair floating out of the bun
basking in the warm afternoon sun, she felt her spirit awakening
her pale skin tingled with prickling awareness   
her mind cleared of the city's fog 
she told herself no more

she stood up and walked back to where her clothes lay crumpled 

she saw to her surprise that he was standing there
watching her play like a young girl he so remembers
the boy has grown into a man 
his face fuller but his eyes are still the same 
understanding, serene, and so much kindness
her lips trembled with a smile
she didn't realized how much her life has gone astray until now
home is where she wanted to find her moral compass
he gazed at her appraisingly until his face broke into a familiar grin  
running to him, she flung her arms around him
she felt her heart beating strongly
she will tell him everything
there would be no more

Word count:  400

Author's Note:   This is my entry to Romantic Friday Writers.  The challenge is write 300-400 words with the theme and words Lies, Lies, Lies.   Do check out the others participating this week.  Thanks for the visit and your kind comments.

Picture credit:  gildam.tumblr

Wednesday 29 June 2011


stripping your body bare for me
you laid back and closed your eyes
giving me control 
trusting me your heart


you are beautiful  



i love you more

Author's Note:   Symbolically speaking, I actually feel this way about those who write and blog about their work.   I admire those  writers (specially those from OSW) who bare "their soul" every day, every week, and encourage other writers to follow, in the same generous spirit.   I never thought I could get this far when I started 3 months ago, but I am still here, "baring my soul" steadily.   Thanks to everyone dropping by and giving me lovely comments.   Happy day ~  

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Love rules

she was young, temperamental and impulsive
she knew she met her man
he was the love of her life, she was convinced
no one could changed her mind
so one day, she left her home, 
boarded a plane and eloped with him
all her life, she fought to love him
against her family wishes, against all odds
she was my mother
love rules her  

i was young, temperamental and impulsive 
i knew i met my man
my first love, my only love i was convinced
no one could changed my mind,
not even my mother
i wanted to marry him and follow him wherever he goes
i soared high with my love and fought to stay airborne  
my mother watched and waited on the wings
i was just like her
love rules me

she is young, calm, and even tempered
she is my beautiful daughter
she is blooming and smiling nowadays
has her heart been ruptured by Cupid's arrow?
i always tell her to be a strong woman 
with or without a man
she looked at me with love
grabbing my hands, we stepped out into the streets
swaying to the drum beat, we danced as
love rules us 

Author's Note:    This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday, for One Shop Poetry.    I tweaked the ending a bit to give it a celebratory mood as the community is turning one year old.  Do join the party starting Tuesday at  5:00 ET (the party is every Tuesday/Wednesday).  

Thanks for dropping by.   Nice to meet all of you ~

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Sunday 26 June 2011

All I ask of you

my face is pale
without a shade of colour
like my tooth undergoing an extreme makeover   

my lips are numbed
after sitting for 2 hours 
in the dentist's chair it felt like a long time ever

my shoulders ached
from trying not to blanched
from the drill, paste and injections in my gums

my eyes got blotchy 
from trying not to sniffle 
no not from the nerves poking but 
from watching Titanic on the TV screen above

afterwards, you held my hand
kissed me and said you know just the right drill  
to make me forget that I just had a root canal ~

All I ask of you 
is to hold my hand and kiss my aches away
after a dentist's visit.

Author's Note:  This fun post is for Poetry Jam hosted by Brian Miller.   (I really went to the dentist and watched Titanic in the tv screen).   The challenge is to pick a favorite song and either use a line from the song in your poem or write a poem inspired by that song.  

I don’t actually listen to music when I write; I write in absolute silence.   But going back to the theme this week, my taste in music is varied from instrumental to pop songs.  But one of my all time favorite music piece comes from the Phantom of the Opera- All I ask of you.   I love it then, I still love it now…. It always moves me specially when the male voice sings the words.. that is all I ask of you ~  here is the link :

Thank you for dropping by.   Happy day  ~

Thursday 23 June 2011

Friday Romantic Challenge: Love Hurts

they kiss slowly
like they have all the time in the world
they touch each other
like new lovers would
marvelling each muscle, each groove
whispering sweet words as 
each caress grew more ardently than the last
pressing into each other
they move into a rhythm 
delighted that their bodies fitted
sipping honey from each other's lips
the lovers pour their energies into their union
eyes shut, they clutch each other tight
she look at their clasped hands and 
wish that time will stop
it was their last night together
he was leaving in a few hours 
he said he wasn't sure if he was coming back
she bit her lips from crying out loud
her pleasure mixed with sadness
his love hurts

she will not cry now... no not yet 
later when he closes the door and leaves
until finally she is alone in the room
only then will she let the numbing pain wash over her
she thought her love was enough for him to stay
it wasn't
he was going back to his country and his family 
to fulfill his obligations, and maybe make amends
if before she wasn't sure who held his heart,  now she knew
he loves her but not enough to stay with her
No regrets, they have agreed
she somehow knew this was coming
she had prepared her mind for it
making plans here and there 
no, she will not cling or beg him to stay
she made light of his promises
no, she will not fall deeply in love
she is after all a woman of the world
she could have wanted any man from her own circle
Her heart whispered, I only want him.
her eyes prickle with warm tears
her body tingling from their coupling
his scent on the pillows, their stains on the sheets
his kisses and bites are stinging her flesh now
What she didn't anticipate 
was how much his love hurts  


Word count:   324
Author's Note:   This is my first entry to Romantic Writers Friday.   The challenge is to use 300-400 words with the words, love hurts.    Do check out the others participating this week.

I am flexing my writing skills with this challenge as I am not into full writing of stories yet.  
I love reading romance stories so it is a pleasure to read the work of others.  As always, thank you to everyone visiting my blog and taking the time to write me a note or comment(s).  

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Eyes closed

the room was bathed in the moonlight
he came to her as he always does
faithful to her wishes, and to his duties

she feels his hand
on her breast, kneading and kissing it
with him, she is soft and alluring

she knows his body very well
she feels safe, comfortable with the ride
she closes her eyes

her mind sought to open
her innermost desires & unspeakable thoughts
her deepest fantasy coming to play

her lover’s lips on her back, her butt and thighs
in the unexpected terrain, her body hums
delighted in his playfulness, his daring assault

her lover carries her out into the field
into the mountains they both explored & feasted 
with him, she is daring and wanton

her eyes closed, fists clenched, she reaches for release
one lover upon another, neither one fulfilling her

Author's Note:   In my Painting Love post, one of my readers, Ethan has requested me to share my thoughts on this picture.   It was a challenge but I found my muse.          

Also, I see that my readers and commentators are coming from a diverse group with different tastes.   I try to be versatile with my posts - sometimes bold, sometimes soft.  Read what you like, and if you like it, leave a comment.   Thanks for your visit  ~ 

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Heart on her sleeve

She said she was broken inside
Her hands clenched in despair
Her eyes weary from sleepless nights

I see a woman with beautiful gray eyes
Her long lashes fringed with black mascara
Her slender hands adorned by rings and trinkets

She said she lost her will to live
Her face lined with worries and what ifs
Her shoulders slumped from the weight of her cares

I see a woman with long black flowing hair
Her body is slim, fair and perfect
Her feet encased by beaded slippers   

She said she can’t live without him
Her body feels empty without his touch
Her heart is shattered, can’t I not see it?

I see a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve
She falls headlong into love, oftentimes recklessly 
Foolish she may be, but a braver woman than most 

Because she is a survivor.

Author's note:   This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.   Please see the others participating this week. 

picture credit:   aqueuse.tumblr

Monday 20 June 2011

Painting love

she wanted to put a little color in their room
paint a tinge of red for drama in the walls
and maybe a bit of yellow for sunshine at the edges
it was after all her favourite colors

he thought it would look better if it was all in blue
with a hint of white and maybe green at one side
he wants to imagine they are making love under the sky 
plus these were his favorite colors

throwing a fit, she became redder than a red tomato  
he turned cold like blue ice and grabbed the brushes away 
they argued until the tins of colors spilled 
smeared with paint, they stroked each other to madness    

well it turned out that all of the colors look lovely
when it was all mixed up in the bed, staining the sheets
glowing, glistening, bold, vibrant, seductive, passionate
nothing in black and white nor gray,   that's them ~     

Author's Note:   I was inspired by this picture from RW of Ridingwild.tumblr.   

Saturday 18 June 2011


he glides his fingers 

he holds her body 

he wants to listen
to her heartbeat

as he loves her

Author's Note:   Happy Father's Day !!!!   Have a good weekend ~

Picture credit:   houseoferotica.tumblr

Tuesday 14 June 2011

Kiss me goodnight

your eyes are unblinking 
as you gasped your last breath
your hands are cold
as you trembled in my warmth  

i held your face so pale and fair 
though in the shadow of sadness
tis your courage that gives me courage
tis your strength that gives me strength

my pulse quickened and vibrated strongly 
as death finally embraced you    
your heart, though still now, beats in me
resonates within me, around me

you are free now to soar to the heaven
your pain and aches are gone
don't say goodbye, my love
just let me kiss you goodnight

Author's Note: This is my first entry to the One Shot Wednesday.  Do check out the others participating in this community.

picture credit:   cristania.tumblr

Monday 13 June 2011

Arousing Passion

Tip on Intimacy:  

Sharing a warm and leisurely bath 

While searching for pictures, I came across this tumblr blog of a young couple and thought it was very interesting that they blog together to help their relationship.  Here is an introduction :

"Married for 7 years. For many of those years, especially the last few, our relationship has lacked intimacy and passion. We decided to start this blog to reignite the fires deep inside ourselves, to grow our love for each other... and hopefully help some others do the same."

They have shared a personal experience on role playing (Wife As The Daring Dominatrix) which you can read here.   What I like about them is that they are in this journey of self discovery and sexual exploration together.   Both are  honest, and open to explore intimacy with the aim of keeping their marriage (with each other).

Rekindling and arousing passion in a partner, specially with a long time partner, takes creativity, a rather short memory (for those times he or she is less than wonderful), and a  lot of patience.   For this modern and young couple, they turn to blogging as a means for them to become closer to each other.   For other couples, it may mean taking long walks together, movie dates or going out of town for a short vacation without the children.     

Would you consider blogging together with your partner to make you closer to each other? 

picture credit:   arousingpassion.tumblr

Wednesday 8 June 2011

First touch

breathes in
exhales slowly
hips welded together  
bodies quivering with desire
holding the sensation
at the first blush
first touch

Author's Note:   Thank you to everyone visiting my blog and leaving comments.   It makes my day ~

picture credit:   cristania.tumblr