Tuesday 21 June 2011

Heart on her sleeve

She said she was broken inside
Her hands clenched in despair
Her eyes weary from sleepless nights

I see a woman with beautiful gray eyes
Her long lashes fringed with black mascara
Her slender hands adorned by rings and trinkets

She said she lost her will to live
Her face lined with worries and what ifs
Her shoulders slumped from the weight of her cares

I see a woman with long black flowing hair
Her body is slim, fair and perfect
Her feet encased by beaded slippers   

She said she can’t live without him
Her body feels empty without his touch
Her heart is shattered, can’t I not see it?

I see a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve
She falls headlong into love, oftentimes recklessly 
Foolish she may be, but a braver woman than most 

Because she is a survivor.

Author's note:   This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.   Please see the others participating this week. 

picture credit:   aqueuse.tumblr


  1. I like the way you've used alternating voices here in the verses. Nice piece of writing! // Peter.

  2. This is the first time I've read you and it's a pleasure. Thanks for visiting my page and it's nice to meet you too through One Stop :)

  3. Ahhh....another really nice one. I loved the two voices, as well. Thank you!

  4. love the bounce back and forth between the two voice in each stanza, now if only they heard each other, now that would be somethings...smiles. great write...

  5. That is a great assessment at the end...she's a survivor, for how else could she weather the continual hard knocks...and keep coming back for more? (From one who knows.)

  6. Really enjoyed the contrast between what's inside and what appears to others...unmasking the persona, so to speak. Reminds us that no matter how "together" someone might seem we all bear the wounds of living.

  7. Nice to meet you all in the OSP....

    Thanks for your wonderful comments.

  8. Great one shot and yeah it does take a lot of strength to keep going out there time and time again.

  9. Funny how perspectives can be so different about the same thing. I like this line, "Her face lined with worries and what ifs."

  10. Your poem reminded me of someone I know. Indeed, a survivor. Smiles. Really like how your poetic projection is a brave one of her.

  11. I like the soft tone your blog has taken!
    Nice write!

  12. Both poem and image complement each other perfectly.

  13. i like the back-and-forth, too. so intriguing to see from both perspectives at once. :)

  14. i know this woman...

    your descriptive words. perfect.

  15. Ooohh...sensuous, and oh so intense and powerful! I suppose everything's about perspective, isn't it?
    What one sees, may not really be.. and what one really is, may not necessarily seem... *sigh*

    Either way, I liked your poem a lot!!

  16. I too know this woman.

    The picture kind of reminds me of Helena Bonham Carter.

    Nice one, Heaven!

  17. Strong write. I like the difference of what is and what it seems to be. Good for her for survivg life's storms.
    I enjoyed this. Thank you for leaving the lovely comments on my blog. It is nice to meet you here and I will come back to visit :)

  18. The two dimensions were balanced perfectly.. kind of how I used to be.. not anymore!

    very beautifully woven..
    Sunday Hugs xox


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