Tuesday 28 June 2011

Love rules

she was young, temperamental and impulsive
she knew she met her man
he was the love of her life, she was convinced
no one could changed her mind
so one day, she left her home, 
boarded a plane and eloped with him
all her life, she fought to love him
against her family wishes, against all odds
she was my mother
love rules her  

i was young, temperamental and impulsive 
i knew i met my man
my first love, my only love i was convinced
no one could changed my mind,
not even my mother
i wanted to marry him and follow him wherever he goes
i soared high with my love and fought to stay airborne  
my mother watched and waited on the wings
i was just like her
love rules me

she is young, calm, and even tempered
she is my beautiful daughter
she is blooming and smiling nowadays
has her heart been ruptured by Cupid's arrow?
i always tell her to be a strong woman 
with or without a man
she looked at me with love
grabbing my hands, we stepped out into the streets
swaying to the drum beat, we danced as
love rules us 

Author's Note:    This is my entry to One Shot Wednesday, for One Shop Poetry.    I tweaked the ending a bit to give it a celebratory mood as the community is turning one year old.  Do join the party starting Tuesday at  5:00 ET (the party is every Tuesday/Wednesday).  

Thanks for dropping by.   Nice to meet all of you ~

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  1. hmmm...would love to see the original end...love threads through the generations...i am convinced there is no figuring it out...but you certainly dont want to miss it...nice spin...

  2. Yeah agreed, no figuring it out, when it hits it hits and when it doesn't it doesn't. Nicely done one shot too! Liked the ending you say you tweaked, never would have known any different, if you hadn't said anything.

  3. love this!

    i wish i could write like this!

    thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. There is something wonderful about being ruled by love...go fly.. :)

  5. Amazing, fascinating... Heaven, this is so like the idea I have of it

    THANK you for always commenting in my blog, dear.

  6. How like our mothers we can be, and our daughters so like you and me. It's wondrous!

  7. Romantic....
    Damn Fine piece of writing.

  8. I know..I've been ruled by love too. Not always easy....nice one shot!

  9. You gave your daughter good advice. She will be well equipped when love comes her way.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I appreciate it.

  10. This is beautiful!
    Love definitely rules us:)
    i like that advice:
    "i always tell her to be a strong woman
    with or without a man".
    nice one shot:)

  11. Oh, I love this, and I feel every word!

  12. Wonderful entry. Love rules!

  13. Ahh..this is lovely and so romantic. Be strong indeed.

  14. NIce to meet you, Heaven, and welcome aboard. The love song here is fresh and new and as old as the hills, repeating endlessly through the generations. Eros makes everything young and is the greatest foil against wisdom. Loved the interplay of personae -- all different, all the same -- in the poem. Great work. - Brendan

  15. Yes, when we fall in love, it takes us on a heady spin and we are almost out of control of our behaviour. I'm glad you understand it and can help your daughter through her loves ups and downs.
    Beautiful prose and, thank you for visiting me.

  16. i love that your daughter seems to break the chain with being calm and even tempered...as being temperamental and impulsive surely is exciting but also good for lots and lots of heartbreak...and guess why i would know...? enjoyed your poem heaven...cool ending with dancing on the streets..

  17. A wonderful poem written from the heart..love it! :) // Peter.

  18. Hmmm! Whenever I think I am 'feeling my age', I have only need to read one of your excellent "LOVE blogs"...to remind me, love is ageless, endless, always and forever.

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  20. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I feel very encouraged to post every Tueds/wed for OSW.

    Steve, please don't talk about age - we are all young here. *hugs you for that lovely compliment*

    Brian, I will have to get back to you on that original version. I kept editing my work (the ending of the post is always my challenge). Thanks for your interest ~

  21. Love's a good thing to pass down through the generations.

  22. Wish I could let Love rule me!
    a very beautiful composition.. sending loads of Love xox


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