Sunday 26 June 2011

All I ask of you

my face is pale
without a shade of colour
like my tooth undergoing an extreme makeover   

my lips are numbed
after sitting for 2 hours 
in the dentist's chair it felt like a long time ever

my shoulders ached
from trying not to blanched
from the drill, paste and injections in my gums

my eyes got blotchy 
from trying not to sniffle 
no not from the nerves poking but 
from watching Titanic on the TV screen above

afterwards, you held my hand
kissed me and said you know just the right drill  
to make me forget that I just had a root canal ~

All I ask of you 
is to hold my hand and kiss my aches away
after a dentist's visit.

Author's Note:  This fun post is for Poetry Jam hosted by Brian Miller.   (I really went to the dentist and watched Titanic in the tv screen).   The challenge is to pick a favorite song and either use a line from the song in your poem or write a poem inspired by that song.  

I don’t actually listen to music when I write; I write in absolute silence.   But going back to the theme this week, my taste in music is varied from instrumental to pop songs.  But one of my all time favorite music piece comes from the Phantom of the Opera- All I ask of you.   I love it then, I still love it now…. It always moves me specially when the male voice sings the words.. that is all I ask of you ~  here is the link :

Thank you for dropping by.   Happy day  ~


  1. ha...that was a whole lot more fun than actually going to the dentist...i am not a fan of the dentist...i have had a root canal though...ugh...hope you are recouping...and he is kissing away those aches...smiles.

  2. The song is a nice inspiration for your poetry. I'm glad you survived the dentist, too. ;-)

  3. haha way way more fun than the dentist, despise going there, nice job having fun with it though.

  4. this was like having your
    sweet tooth satisfied.


    adorably cute!!!

  5. I have the movie version, the music CD and I've seen Phantom several times on stage ... like you I am mesmerized by the music, this piece in particualar! The only way to endure a root canal!! Nice, very nice.

  6. Very cute and utterly sweet.

  7. having one's hand held is an extremely important part of a relationship to me. i empathize with the root canal. nice to meet you!

  8. I do believe you have prompted me to visit the dentist for a much put-off job - and that's no small achievement, so congrats!

  9. like watching a reality you are feeling better...

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Yes, I am feeling better.
    I never thought that my going to the dentist last Saturday will be my inspiration for this post.

  11. ugh - the dentist is not the best place to be..even with titanic on the screen..but great to have someone who kisses the aches away...nice

  12. I got to hold my girlfriend's hand at the dentist just once, but it was one of my favorite moments with her. I miss you Katherine!

  13. Hahaha, not at all what I was expecting.

    I was lucky enough to have some close theater friends, and was introduced to that song a long time ago. I'm not a huge ALW fan, but I've always loved that song.

  14. Good juxtaposition between the ethereal and the banal!! Very clever.

  15. Thankfully I've only had a few visits to the dentist that were that miserable. Cute poem. You deserve a hug and a milkshake! :)

  16. My senses were stirred. I'm like Dave King, though, thinking: I need to make that appointment with monsieur dentiste.

  17. this is sweet and i really liked it:)

  18. I know the feeling of a root canal all too well. Nice poem!


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