Saturday 30 July 2011


I fell 
in despair 
I professed
my innocence
frailty, though
all lies 
i sank
weighed down 
stones of hatred
pebbles of envy
in the water
tense, unyielding
soul's burdens

i lifted 
my face up
casting complications
but simple faith,
letting the sea
of hope,
waves of 
bring me
to the 

Author's Note:   This post is for D'Verse Poets, hosted by Sheila and the prompt is to write a poem with water as our inspiration.   

Shared with Poetry United # 60.  

Friday 29 July 2011


fingers amble to  
gently caress my flushed cheek
for moment, time stilled      

shoulders burrow deep
listening to shallow breaths
heart content, i sleep


Author's Note:   This is a senryu (a haiku form) because the subject is emotions or life; outside of nature.  While writing with a form restricts my thoughts, it is a challenge to find the right words to make it tight and meaningful (17 syllables).  The haiku form is growing on me; it is much easier than the Royal Rhyme Form.

Rhyme Royal: Fear

Pale hued attired, I rested on her lap.

Her hands would shield my fear and my despair

when echoes there would drip between the gaps

of cries through empty walls; down halls that scare

a child who aches who feels she's trapped in lairs

ignored where she'll lie lonely shrivelled dead,

the flames consume the corpse that's in her head.

Author's Note:   This post is for D'Verse Poets - Form for all.  Gay has shared a form, Rhyme Royal and requested us to post a poem following this form.   She has kindly edited my original post (see below and her notes) into a perfect iambic pentameter.  This has been a challenge for me as I don't normally write with a form in mind; but learning the form has been interesting.   
Comments from Gay:
Let's take your poem apart, shall we?  It's not hard to do. This is NOT rocket science.  It's an antique thing  (and I mean back to the Greeks) called scansion.  Since the Greeks held poetry in such high esteem (see Aristotle - Poetics), it was possibly they who came up with music in the words.  They had lots more rules about it than we have in English.

So, this form (rime royal) has a rime scheme of ababbcc we can look at your end sounds and check that - 
lap, ing, until, then, scars, dead, cremated 
So you have some of the scheme but you miss on others
until should rhyme with lap 
ing and then rhyme however we need another ing (en) sound instead of "scars"'
but your last rhyme couplet works with dead and cremated.

So thinking, yes, you wrote it, now, got it down, how to push it around to get it to "work"
At this point you can address your poem on three points
1. does it say what I want?
2. does it follow the rhyme scheme?
3. does the meter work?

You have a few problems with each of these things (as everyone does when writing something).  Don't stop writing because you know it's imperfect.  Start with what occurs to you.  Then start picking it apart. Fixing poetry is part of the puzzle of it.  It's like finding the right path for circuitry, or figuring out crossword puzzles, it's an odd art of composing by fix.  So think of it as inspiration, and then fixing.  After you've fixed for a while, you might edit as you write but this isn't Mozart's work here.  He apparently heard it perfectly and had the skill to write what he heard. But that's a gift like photographic memory, it doesn't apply to genius.  Einstein worked and worked through hundreds of thousands of possibilities before coming up with E=MC2

But as I am here to talk about scheme and meter.  Let's take up meter next.
Here's your poem broken into feet. The good news is each of your lines has ten syllables. In much of modern poetry counting syllables is quite good enough.  After you learn the rules, you can certainly break them by using this method for expressing "your voice" but for now let's be slavish to the rules.  I have broken your poem into feet by the straight lines and pointed out the heavy stresses by using all caps.

Pale HUED |GAR ment,| I RES| ted ON| your LAP | -  
EC hoed| in the ROOM|, MU ting| TEARS, un| TIL 
WALLS, HALL|ways, more| WALLS were| ALL i | SAW, then|
Un WOR |thy and| UG ly,| I SHRIV|elled DEAD | 
LONG be|FORE my| BOD y| was CRE |mat ed.

Now it's true some words will change their stress in relation to the words they're sitting next to, but it's useful to check with the dictionary for where the heavy stress on a word falls.This is how your poem scans.  Your first line is pentameter except for Garment. You can fix this (if it's what you want to say easily) by substituting a synonym for garmentthat is iambic rather than trochaic.

It would read like this:
Pale hued attire, I rested on your lap. 
That is perfect iambic pentameter. (but attire might not be the perfect word. That's up to you.)
Your next line is pretty rare.  Somehow you've managed to write a whole line (nearly) of spondees.  Wow! with one foot of pyhrric!
Here we have to get more specific about what you mean to say.  You have put this so vaguely that it leaves the interpretation to the reader but that isn't optimal here.  There are other ways to achieve poetic ambiguity.
So not knowing what you're saying here I'll write
Your hands then plucked my eyes their grief, despair
and I'll continue, if I may, as you can see the scansion above, ok? (However you have to think you are addressing a garment and it's not likely to have "hands" so it might not make sense. You could change "Your" to "My" but would you "pluck" your own eyes?  That seems not quite right because later you "see".  

So what I think I'll do here (though it is brazen of me to do so) is change your poem and write it through my interpretation.  Here's what I came up with.  It follows the scheme, it is iambic pentameter and it solidifies what the subject is and the experience although clearly it may be 180 degrees from what you meant to say.
Thanks Gay for the valuable lessons ~

Thursday 28 July 2011

Blessed day

he pushed me harder 
i squealed, Higher! 

he chased me around the ground
i shouted in glee, won the round 

he huffed & puffed until he greyish ill   
i was carried away by his charm,  still   

  a cool chick, he still calls me    
laughing , we walked home 

together, blessed with angels,
the best life. 

Today happens to be our wedding anniversary.  

Author's Note:    This post is for Poetry Jam hosted by Bug.  The theme is to imagine what our life will be at age 67 and using a form we don't normally use (I tried to rhyme).  What a challenge ~

Shared with Flash Fiction 55:  Tell a story in 55 words. G-Man, joining you this time. 

picture credit:    Happythings.tumblr

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Haiku: Sunset


          eyes blazing, preening  
          orange hues, pink and yellow
          trampling white and blue   

          joy brimming over 
          sighing gently, pondering  
          she sits down to rest

          combing strands of dust 
          weary arms stretched out to pull  
          cool blanket to wrap 

          embraced by lover  
          whilst wind chiming lullaby 
          closed her eyes to dream

Author's Note:   Since the subject is nature, I used the haiku form.   The haiku consists of 17 syllables, made of three phrases of five, seven and five syllables. Within this format, the Haiku was generally divided also into two parts standing in contrast or reversal to each other.   The challenge of haiku is to catch the moment or an acceptance of the life’s impermanence per Shashi.

This post is for  the OpenLinkNight at D'Verse Poets.  Party starts (every) Tuesday at 3:00 pm EST- join us by linking your poem (any form).   See you~      


Sunday 24 July 2011

Temptation Sunday

you gave me

dark chocolates 

& a kiss 

caramel sweetness exploded in my mouth  

my whole body melted

even after you left

your taste still lingers

tempting me for more

Author's Note:   This post is for Poetry Jam hosted by Mark.    This week's theme is temptation.  The stress between obsession and denial -- food, sex, money, drugs, sloth, gluttony.  I chose food - I can't resist chocolates ~

Also shared for Sunday 160 (write a story in 160 characters).  Finally did it.
Happy day everyone ~

Saturday 23 July 2011

Nonet: Pink shoes

wrapped in tissues, the gleaming pink shoes
peer sleepily from the old box
dreaming of hot tango nights
waiting, ever youthful
seductive, lifting
hips, tempting me
go back, dance  
one more

Author's Note:   This post is for d'Verse Poets:   Poetics - on your feet.  I have used a poetry form - nonet (9 lines) for this prompt about shoes.  I am really happy with experimenting with different forms, and I hope you guys try out other (shoes) poetry forms.   It is challenging but fun~

Happy dancing day ~

Senryu: String

umbilical cord
birth or death, start or end but
string where fates entwined 

Author's Note:   This post is my first share for the 1st anniversary of Haiku-Heights.   This is a senryu (5-7-5 syllables) based on last week's prompt  - String.   For those new to these forms:  Haiku and Senryu are both Japanese poetry forms that have three lines. The three lines, if reflecting nature, form a haiku; and if reflecting emotions and life in general, forms a Senryu.

also shared with Haiku, My heart.   Nice to meet you~

Thursday 21 July 2011


you took my hands, together we leaped
gliding to the dance floor, we dipped
swaying closer, we ignored    
hiphop, rock, fast beat grooves  
we waltzed round and round
timeless rhythm

my hands waved and curled under
one leg lunged as our tongues embraced
we didn’t hear the music anymore
but we kept

dancing til   

Author's Note:   I used the nonet for the form (9 lines; first line with 9 syllables; second line with 8 syllables.. until the last line is one syllable), but added 4 lines in the middle so that the total words fit the 55 word challenge of FF.

Isn't it so hot today?  Hope you guys are keeping cool ~

Friday Romantic Challenge: Coming Home

My eyes dried out of tears
As you wore proudly
the insignia and stripes
of your uniform
glistening boldly in the sun

My eyes dried out of tears
As I kissed you gently
Reminding me of life’s
Fleeting moments against
The dark shadows of war

My eyes dried out of tears
As I caressed your strong hands
Loving you meant sleeping with danger 
Intense, adrenalin pumping, unpredictable   
But it also felt like a warm blanket,
Smelling of home.      

My eyes dried out of tears
As my hand felt the cold metallic
Glass draped with a flag,  
I heard your voice echoing in my ears,
“Wait for me.  I am coming home.”

As I waved my final good bye,
I opened my hand to see
your name engraved on the tag    
Warm from your blood,  
A teardrop fell on my arm,
as I walked

Author's Note:   This post is for Romantic Friday Writers - Challenge:  Coming Home.   
Based on the theme, Coming Home, we are to write a story in less than 400 words. 
picture credit:  militaryheroes.tumblr

Shared with Poetry United:   The Poetry Panty #59.   Nice to meet you ~

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Nonet: Doors

       doors locked                                                          
       closing  day                                                              
       wedding, parting ways                                                 
       tears, memories, regrets                                                         
       none but gratitude, hearts full                                                       
       we looked at the pictures fondly                                                          
       and placed the album back on the shelf                                                                  

       turning around, we open the mail 
       invites and possibilities     
       YES, the magic answer to        
       new doors; we ring the bell     
       raising up glasses  
       with friends, we toast      
       as a new   

Author's Note:   Life is a series of doors, closing and opening.  And this applies to relationships as well.   If you are not happy with your relationship, just walk out of the door.  If you don't want complications, don't open the door when someone knocks (specially in the wee hours of the morning).   If you are happy, keep the door locked, and throw away the key.    

As one door closesanother door opens.  Shared with One Shot Wednesday final post, I wrote my first nonet in tribute to OSW, Form Monday.  Hosted by Gay Cannon, Corbie Sinclair shared this form:  In writing it involves a poem with a total of nine lines. The first line must have nine syllables, second line eight syllables, third line seven syllables and so on until you end with one syllable. It has a ABCDEFGHI or alpha numerical form, so each line is a different ending word. The corresponding syllables are 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. (The first part goes in reverse;   the second part follows the rules, hopefully.)   

Today is the formal launch of the new poetry community, d'Verse Poets.  Join us for the party (OpenLinkNight every Tuesday) 3 pm EST).   Say YES, link your poem and meet new (and old) friends. Cheers ~

Picture credit:   beautiful-portal.tumblr

Sunday 17 July 2011

One Shoot - Insomnia

voices in my head
growing louder and angrier

unforgiven sins, past guilts
looming larger and darker  

i painted my face and wore a wig 

hoping that the shadowy fingers 
will not recognize me

and go away 

Author's Note:  This post is for the last One Shoot Sunday of OSP.  Interview and photography credit by the talented Rosie Hardy.  Thanks Adam and Chris for all your hard work and best of luck.

This is also my contribution for Poetry Jam hosted by Jessica Maybury.    I have decided to write an "insomnia poem" for the challenge.   Happily, I don't have this problem as I fall right into sleep once I hit the pillows.   

Shared with Thursday Poets Rally (July 14-20, 2011).   
Thank you for the The Perfect Poet Award of Poets Rally Week 48~

Saturday 16 July 2011

About me

Blank white sheet   
a feeling, an impulse  
word chasing a phrase
scene sprinting madly
dancing, flying, fleeting
images running and colliding 
letters crying out to be captured and 
rearranged in the palm of my hand

Opening my inner eye 
I sketched and painted 
oval shaped face
thick dark wavy hair  
dimples, long dark lashes  
black dot on the right cheek
dabbing a light nude palette all over 

I drew the sensual lines in the forehead  
twinkle and eager light in the eyes  
youthful curve of the lips and cheeks  
firmness of the chin sitting on a slim column     
nostrils flaring in breathless awe
Of life, both good and challenging times    

I worked feverishly not minding the form  
breaking the rules, forgetting my real name
stretching to see how far I can go 
in blending and mixing the tins of colours   
until i saw a glimmer of a face rising from the canvas

A mirage of a young spirited girl with an old soul
I can't wait to see her journey

Author's Note:  I have joined a new community and I am excited about my journey.  This is my introduction to all of the members who linked up on the pre-opening of d'versePoets - a new Poets community.  (The formal opening day is on July 19, 3pm EST)    Nice to meet you~   

picture source:

Thursday 14 July 2011

FF 55: Sweet repose

My hand gently cups your cheek

My finger draws a smooth line

from your neck

Around the slopes

Dark shades, long strokes

I tossed my pencils and oils aside

My tongue traced all the lines

Inhaling your breath in the canvas

You sighed and closed your eyes

I gaze at your beauty

in sweet repose

Author's Note:   This is my first time to try this - Tell a story in 55 words. Give it a try or just read more, go see G-man.

picture credit:  houseoferotica.tumblr 

Tango Romantica

Passion, intensity, focus
The words hammered in her mind
As she smoothed down her red and black dress
In a few seconds, she will skate for the dance of her life

She locked eyes with her ice skating partner
In his fitting black ensemble,  he looked  dashing
Muscular and strong though built on the slim side
He can easily lift her now, more so then
when they first danced shyly as 6 and 9 year old kids

Head erect,  she held out her hand to begin  the routine  
She posed gracefully as they moved in beat 4
His hand on her back, they glided with deep clean edges
The lover’s dance,  the complex dance of tango

She is arrogant and unattainable
He must plead and be worthy of her love
His shoulders are stiff, chasing her
His legs crossed with a sharp sound
With a quick turn, he moved in close

She glided away, her back straight in a flash
His hand is warm at her waist, caressing
her side, he wanted  to plunge himself into her core
And spill his passion into her

In the ice rink, they moved in a curving fashion
Pouring their unrequited love, their unbridled tension
for the 1.43 second dance sequence,
surrendering to the music echoing in their hearts
no one intruded in their dance, not the crowd nor judges    

Years of practicing together 
Like two peas in a pod, has made it easy for them
to share one heartbeat,  one goal of glory  
More than best friends, their bond is deep and unexplainable 
They came first with each other, 
their lovers, an afterthought.             

From the side, their coach watched them  
Precise arms and leg movements at 112 beats per minute,
on ice their chemistry is undeniable
She knows what every skating fan and public suspects
that something more is added to bring
the tango dance technique into a spectacular flaming number

The skating partners moved closer, foreheads touching    
Closer, he wanted to ravish her
Her lips opened in anticipation
Beckoning him to savor her sweetness
Her heat, to pour his heart

The tension is palpable as they embraced for the final beat 
his thighs pressed close, his breath on her lips  
Do I have your heart ? he asked tenderly    
Theirs is a dance of seduction and capitulation
My love, it has always been yours, she whispered softly.

Author's Note:   This challenge is for Romantic Friday Writers:   Surrender.  Maximum word count is 400.

Picture:  Canadian Gold Medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Ice Skating Competition, in  Vancouver Olympics in 2010, Canada. 

Tuesday 12 July 2011


she swallowed her tongue  
soft voice, though stuttering 
she hid her lies behind the veil      

she wiped her crimson nose
hair swept up in a bird's nest  
in her finery, she felt her nakedness & shame   

oh if only she could, she would 
break the silver glass of the caste ceiling
and return the dowry, and bouquet of flowers 

the family jewels weighed heavily around her neck 
her body was but a debt or maybe a price
a pawn for a rich man but a stranger, sealed her fate     

the dragonfly tattoo etched on her back 
a reminder that freedom is on the wings 
if only she can find the courage  

she took a step, haltingly, to open the door 
mind wallowed, hands trembled
now.....pushing another step, then another

until she was running along the polished steps   
not faltering steps but fleet footed
wanting to fly on the wind's first breath

she stumbled and fell, splitting lips
tongue tasted the blood of freedom
hands touched the dirt on the ground

she pushed herself up to stand
gown soiled and torn at the edges, 
she ran, finding her wings at last       

Author's note :  Generally, in Japan dragonflies are symbols of courage, strength, and happiness.  

This post is my heartfelt wish for women who wants freedom and independence.  Offered for One Shot Wednesday and Friday Poetically of OSP.   Sadly, Brian Miller is hosting this for the last time and will be moving to another community.   Thank you Brian for all your hard work in OSP.   Fly freely and courageously ~

picture credit:  sensuelle92000