Tuesday 25 February 2014


The attraction is imminent
                              An oxygen

Starving for bond & chain
                              A symmetry

Shape of water is pure
                              Ice crystal

As the wind spins & wheels
                             Our arms cast

Hexagonal prism, pattern of
                             Curve to tangent
Moments freeze & dilate
                             Wind, heat, temperature

At flashpoint:  another seed blooms
                             Seeking its blueprint

Yet all of Fate is a tailspin
                             Between sky to ground
My only certainty-  
                             In my melting
                                                        you -

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Saturday 22 February 2014

Kitchen Fable

The spoon lives with the fork
in the drawer & finds it hard -

sharp edges prickling 
round belly & stout lips

She who ladles warm chicken soup
on cold nights

She who sugars coffee & tea
on summer days

carves patience into her bosom
as he tangles with skinny long noodles

& wrangles with cured meats &
harpoons spicy shrimps, a fisherman 

always coming back
oily, teeth red rimmed but never sated  

Lying beside him on the rack
varnished her silvery skin, but 

she keeps on giving her neck for the kiss
her bare back arching, half moon, half sun -

The knife, a close neighbor, one day
bluntly asked her:  why?  

She says:   
Its my nature.  I am a spoon.

Aesop Fable:   The scorpion and the frog

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Picture credit:   Noir Art by Coby Whitmore

Saturday 15 February 2014

Under full moon's spell

breaking waves
foam sea turbulent sky-

your kiss, my undertow-

 Gel Kelliher

I write of full breasted moon
straining against window 
pining for stormiest of storms

but come dawn, I turn to you 
anchoring my ship with gentle hands-  

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Thursday 13 February 2014

Sonnet: The blue garden

Between brushwood & yellowed walls, she tends
wild daisies peeking with eyes like hers, old.
A mulberry tree stands guard.   She pretends
spring is soft as she pulls out weeds so cold.

Grey clouds saunter above crisscrossed railings
Where this garden hides, a man ascetic
watercolors artlessly 'til ailings
turned his canvas madly poetic.

Her knees dig for moist in dry soil,  here lies
seeds, wrinkled & wind-shaken.   Her unclean
fingers gather mulched brown leaves under skies
piling layers, an altar.   Her heart mean

as whiskey is now crystal.  Blue instead 
of red, she buries it 'neath thorny bed.

                                                            Artist:   Vandy Massey

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Love Song

Let us go where the night
is sultry songbird
crooning lyrics to moon
                  voluptuous red 

I'll twine my arms around your neck
& wait for time to uncurl
its sweet fruit in your hands
                  plump dark

Let us drift closer for a kiss
There's sharp edge in the air
crackling our skin electric
                 brewing storm
Our love song is playing
& I want to be carried far away            
                drunk on moonlight                   
                                                    & you

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Thursday 6 February 2014

The Ballad of Susie

Afternoon sun touches lightly the hair of Susie
As she waits with one suitcase & one way ticket
She is smiling with that light that drive away blues
As she thinks of her love like a secret

A rebel, she's walking away from her family's fortune
As she counts down the time, her hands clasp
& unfolds his letter like flint to her cold hands:
This fire we make,  this love to last

Though Susie is 19 & just out of college,
She knows he's the one she's going to marry first
Dashing & wild among men, she followed her guts:
This fire we make,   this love to last   

No rings nor flowers nor money, but she didn't care 
Here he comes now in an old white car at last
She feels the world bursting inside her, when he said:
This fire we make, this love to last

Though Susie is 19 & just out of college,
She knows he's the one she's going to marry first
After 50 years, she tells me:  she won the lottery when he said:
This fire we make, this love to last


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Saturday 1 February 2014

the pattern

-    is rectangular, cut & hemmed
& arranged in//out in a template

my fingers move as one familiar
with keys & pitch but its not music

its drone of machines, tip//tap
like the way our foot pedals &

stops reflex in traffic, stilted phrases
our tongues click//clack as clock

though i am lost in matrix of numbers
results imitate a bell curve:  high, normal or

low, i am zip//zap
at end of day, i look for my footprints in sky

there is path i was ambling
half remembering, i sit in garden

symmetrical with moss edged trees
flowers bloom off tangent, yet more

fragrant, above the moon tilts
to the quiet//hush of evening, as my pen

rules:  scrawls, slashes, salivates,
stirs & sculptures

you coming & falling into me
tension is unbearable, pull//push

lightning in slow motion kiss
scarring crimson verses

our love vacillates between liquid & air
-   is chaos & choir, beautifully unbroken

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