Thursday 19 March 2015

Our Sun

                                                         Flowing by Artist Gil Bruvel

We let silence
into tension coils

As we firefly dance
Into a semi-circle
Our wings red-flustering

vacillating between
speaking what's on our minds
Or letting things go

Then you slump
bending your sorry face 
knotting your arms into mine

I ash stub any
lingering doubts away
into softest threads

We let our music
tattooing our skin bronze
our metallic hearts to
drift with clouds

Finally we let words
as we sip rain deeply

from each other cup
Your lips sugaring mine
sated with forgiving love

We run
to greet the sun
                 with wildest 

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Tuesday 10 March 2015


I am lost with the musical symbols
Mixing up notes from rests

I confess that I don't know the lyrics
of our love song

I sing but a only a squeak comes out 
Words, sheathe your claws 

I make believe that inside me 
is a birdsong, a candle wick 

waiting to come out by dawn
Words, kiss me awake

I am someone else when I am writing
poems about tragedy & pain

I stitch words, half remembering
the woman watching moon rise for first time

I know only of love, steady as flame
Taste of tropical fruits, sweeter than sugar

And sky, cobalt blue, startling the sea
this morning, I hold on to memories

of passion unending

Words, slay me with your tongue

I want to crown myself the tango dancer
but my limbs turn to water

When you steal my gaze
When you make me believe that I can

And when I use this voice,

Words, melt me softer than snow

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