Thursday 27 June 2013

What we'll tell the moon

the moon rises from the waters-
   full-shaped, dark lilac scented-
   perfect chalice on our lips

the moon lies perfectly still
   tightly curled as spring buds -
   our fingertips taste the dew like bees-      

the moon peals away the pretense
    & careful neat choices- we lean in
    as mirrors do:   
    cheek to cheek, hip to hip arching-

the moon cleaves this night to two -
   one to savor as delicate wine-
   then to rage like storm split sky

the moon bears the sum of us-
    crest & fall of tide, swallowing each season
    like oysters-   
    so why do we keep slipping through the slits-

the moon leaps between us
   fickle yellow as cut summer blooms,
   wilting in the climbing celsuis –

the moon rains our faces-
    steady as a birthing star-
    until we tilt, parallel axis, towards the morning-

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Saturday 22 June 2013

when we say hello

The night is young &
         we are riders in the  s t o r m  

racing against the sea &
         wind that divides us  a p a r t   

black & white pieces of the puzzle
         that doesn't fit/fall into one  c a n v a s 

maybe our l o v e is like this- 
         f r a g m e n t s  of stories, flickering flames 

never c o n t a i n e d  in a lamp,
         nor inked in the same pages of the b o o k-

we're always searching for b e g i n/
         nings & when the music is over, s a y 

h e l l o-
         love me (2x) m o r e -

s t a y!  my wild love!*

Everything human
is leaving
her face

Soon she will disappear
into the calm

My Wild Love!

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Picture credit:  Adam Martinakis

Thursday 20 June 2013

What we left on the table

Coffee stains, blackest  
Spiralled, dotted with bread crumbs-  
Fading slow like red roses-

Plates & unsaid words
As morning whirls, spins salt tears
Falling hard, staccato beat -

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Poetry form:   Sedoka - 3 unrhymed lines of 5/7/7 syllables

Picture credit:   Red / Hong Yi Official Site

Saturday 15 June 2013

Beneath the skin

one day, i opened my eyes
      and saw veins & muscles & cells  

of nameless people, unwrapped tissues
      pulsing with blood & fats & dirty water- 

i cast my eyes down from this sight,
      for i was not ready to see beneath the skin

colored of ink & stories, i hid from everyone
      as if i was a freak, too sensitive, too pained to see the aches-     

i harmed myself until you knocked at my door 
     & suddenly i see you - bare of clothes & words - the pupils

of your eyes dilated with concern,
      heartbeat ticking madly along your neck like rushing waves

gathered close, i blush to see your passion 
     growing and the sweat dripping on the floor 

your bones are softer than i thought,
     your pelvic on mine,  an exquisite canvas   

as you kiss me close, all my pores and glands,
     open & beat to your overture,  your tongue  

maps a trail on my palm, speaking in a language I know  -   
     inviting as a morning dawn    

i finally see my arm, wrist and hand now,
     a tree stem, carpal bones and phalanges 

reaching for you, iridescent as a butterfly, 
     the core of you, even more beautiful than before 

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picture credit:  Adam Martinakis

Thursday 13 June 2013


You are cherished
rose print, tucked in my memory
You are cherished
sunset, orange-framed, untarnished  
as sea bore you on ivory
hands, cradled vessel…. till blurry-

You are cherished

Picture credit @  Heaven

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Poetry form:   Rondelet:   This is a typical French form that uses a refrain and two rhymes. The first, third and last line are four syllables or two feet, and the four lines remaining are eight syllables or four feet.  This gives a rhyme scheme of: A. b. A. a. b. b. A

Saturday 8 June 2013


at night, the two women 
         are at war with each other-

one is steeped in shadows, the moon's lover 
         the other is paled yellow, the sun's bride-

the first loves with a hungry stomach:  
          coarse grain pollen, wild honey & forest rain - 
she inserts herself into every page,
          spilling words on her lover's lips, darkest of plum-  

the second walks, a rooted maple tree 
          sturdy of fisted rope, pulling to the safe harbor -

she is fazed by gravity, carved bronze as earth,  
          a train travelling on well-worn tracks, she hushes, hushes--

the flame, growing like a peacock from her head,
          cascading electric shocks, agitated, she calls, calls-- 

the other, face to face in the mirror,
          freckled like seeds of the same fruit-

one tugs at the navel-
          the other is urging the wind to cut her 

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Thursday 6 June 2013

Impossible yet....

Perhaps the tulips
Are like a puma, silent and starving
Under the snowed-in light-

For tonight the twilight
Is cold, forgetful   
Like my hands, finding things to be loved-

I search for your trail among  
newspaper headlines, cut up like
-well-travelled streets-
under the pillows of hospital beds,
-breathing & opening seeds in confusion-
even in the sonnet of a classic poet-

Alas, you are nowhere to be
I stop looking
& let you come
Unbidden, the liquid measure of you
Like beauty of a rose   

Photo credit:   ZOOM

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Words gathered from random poems and newspaper clippings.