Sunday 28 June 2015

Summer rain

we made the customary   
days into tangerine sky over the marina  

when we sailed away on your birthday  
I gifted you with  

summer kisses
wet with rain 

you came back

purring with nights bursting of fireflies

there were no roses & chocolates
but pebbles & seashells carefully picked & bottled

what can i give you

of our times together

but chains 

silk velvet, fingered by mistress moon  

but words lashing

your skin restless, swelling with longing  

over the years

our distance stole your memories, ebbing with tides 

but i am cursed with perfect one 
defying time's savage currents 

every summer, 
i recall your kisses when 
                                                                               a  l  l 


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fresh, burst, defy, chain, struck, forward, exchange, customary, prefer, close

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Tuesday 16 June 2015


You are the chocolate cake
kept hidden in the ice box

Your skin is rain-moist, 
petals plump as ripe apple cheeks 

My vegan tongue plied me
raw crunchy baby carrots & celery stalks

I nibbled on baked salmon with lemon & dill
But the meat of you

roasted fat,  juicy, pitted with spicy herbs,
wells up from my deepest belly

making my canines 

longing for burn
of your kiss

                                                  From Maya Lukash

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