Monday 30 July 2012


A  pin drop of doubt
Settled during the night
The breeze heard its whisper
And carried it to ocean depths,
Where it swelled in blue tide,
Rippling bedposts of our sky 

I wake up to find your side cold
In the morning light, and see 
Your mud prints going to the shore 
The wind roars, gales of   
Half-rotten fish tangled in salty nets  
What was a blur is now clear: 
Unapologetic truth

No fear for the unknown,
Nor indecision, in a moment 
Courage comes like a vodka shot  
I grab my oil-slicked boots and jacket
My lips are bruised from kisses, 
Thighs sore, eyes bloodshot tired    
But there is work to be done 
The room is shaping to what it is:
Sturdy ship, facing towards the sun   

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An aubade is a morning love song or poem about lovers separating at dawn.  It has also been defined as "a song or instrumental composition concerning, accompanying, or evoking daybreak"

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Saturday 28 July 2012

A burst of fire

                             the morning comes in shades of pink and white
                             lover's touch, you don't want to miss one glance
                             so long your amber eyes are closed, furled tight

                             mute to the wind, as the sea and sun dance
                             on your skin, igniting a voice, perchance
                             to give wings, vigor clay hands, underfoot
                             budding slowly, purple plump, like beetroot

                             you're still wounded, naked, featherless bird
                             with blue painted lips, but underneath soot
                             foaming red wine, rising, fire-spirit stirred


                           it started slowly
                           a strand of hair turning indigo
                           a freckled dot on brown cheek

                           rising rage in splaying colors
                           flare of hands knifing the canvas
                           torrent of cursing words in the air

                           they called her

                           mujer loca (Spanish, a mad woman)
                           Zhaghzhagh (Persian, the chattering of teeth from rage)

                           she was simply
                           an artist
                           at work

First Post:   Real toads - Dizain poetry form : 
10 line stanza with Rhyme Scheme: a b a b b c c d c d 
Second Post:   D'verse poets pub:   Logophila

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Thursday 26 July 2012

On a Friday morning


i drain glass of wine
as you tell me change of plans

masking disappointment,
i smile, lifting your spirit,

outside it rains    
road looks long, 
endless hill of battles,
seesaw of expectations versus reality 

tipping sky grey 

outside, two birds fly,      
wingtips of symmetrical feathers, 
embracing rough wind        

we reach for each other 

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Monday 23 July 2012

Spice of life

the silky peelings of onions,
crushed cloves of garlic
sizzles the pan of our evening

my treat, you say as your hands
caress the red and green bell peppers,
jalapeno and spice waffling kitchen nook

i smile at your dash of zest
whilst kneading the dough pie, soft and moist
swirling dust in bowl of white ceramic

my hands sugar the air of our
conversation, a dash of chocolate in a mix,
makes you stop and kiss my powdery lips

as olive oil tenders the chicken breasts,
leisurely your hand measures a cup, 
heady brew of herbs and crimson sauces

steaming air envelops oven hearth
as fresh vegetables and flavored meat entwine,
melting butter in crusty french bread

we savor slow cooking time,
the fruits of long companionship: soft, light
as whipped cream over layered English trifle

filling our insides with warming cheer
soon, my lime sprayed apron slips away
as eager hand peppers and seasons the dish

with a flourish, you pour the spicy hot
dish on wide moon platter, asking me casually,
"what do you think?"

grabbing wine glasses, i look at your steady hands,
and with a practiced expression, i say,     


and it still is.

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I wrote this last year as a prose, inspired by reading through Brian Miller's archives.  After  some editing with the ending, I thought of sharing this as hubby and I are celebrating our personal milestone this weekend.   Cheers ~ 

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Saturday 21 July 2012

on growing roots

she tells me in soft lilting voice, 
that these things take time to grow
as i pat the soil neatly, gently around the stalk,
drizzle a bit of water, and  place the pot 
beside my window, where i am sure 
the morning light will strike, brighter than oil-lamp.        

in my child eyes, the seed leaves are gathering strength, 
wind power and soon there will be a tree in my room. 
taking my small hands, she leads me 
to shell-cased windows, overlooking the fields of sugarcane. 

with a steely gaze, she surveys the sloping hills and trees, as 
one familiar with the grooves of the skin,  parting of the limbs, 
sweaty arms in harvest, sweet partake of freshly cut cane on mouth, 
filling stomachs, rooting faith deeply in the sun-baked land.   

her petite frame belies strength of raising five children,
and caring for the plantation families, all sharing the same roots.  
she knew all their names, including their children, grandchildren 
as one who has planted all the stems in the open field.   

my recollection of her is faint now, but i remember
her delicate hands gifting me with more than just 

a pot of mongo seeds 

Posted for Real Toads:  I chose the vintage picture of my maternal grandmother.  She was a sharp and well-traveled woman even in her later years.     

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Thursday 19 July 2012

the road

he waits beside car, turquoise sky, in stone-cobbled streets.

drumming hands to Havana song, he wonders if his knocks will be answered.

sun strikes ground in orange haze, crinkling crooner’s voice.          

it's been over 10 years since he left the country, still wrapped in time capsule.  

suddenly rushing footsteps, door opens, 

music welcoming, embracing him.     


Posted for Flash Fiction Friday - tell a story in 55 words.   For the G-man.   We enjoyed an office lunch treat yesterday in the open patio, and listened to a 3-man band from Cuba, singing Spanish songs.

Marian and I collaborated on a piece for Real Toads - 1st year Anniversary Celebration.   This is the first stanza of the road:

    Straining to hear
Broken eggshell pieces on white plate of the day,
    drops of leftover rain
scattered leaves on brown feet of the road--
    bouncing from leaf to leaf
where does one find the path on these highways?
    in surround sound--

Please read the entire poem here.  Thanks for the visit.

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Wednesday 18 July 2012

The rivers of life

I want to be

the river

  ink your pen in the morning light
  birthing your thoughts, slumbering sky 

  unfurl in the summer cornfield,
  swaying to windmills and white daffodils

the wind

  trust your wings in the afternoon sun,
  lifting voice, strong and joyful 

  carrying words, of gentle rain and peace 
  stirring currents to sea color and depths       

the leaf

  fold slowly with trembling hands,
  smoothing lines, touching fertile earth  

  press warm lips come evening tide,
  holding all that I am, until I turn to 


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Sunday 15 July 2012

Yesterday's dreams

                                                          artwork by Jack Vettriano

you gifted me with palette of colors
every brushstroke,  rushing wave  
every curved line,  weeping music 
words quivered from my lips,  
seeping deeply your wine-cupped hands,
eager to stain the white sky

now as i gaze outside the window,
every traffic light changing, falling rain  
every hour passing, wilting red poppy 
words hang precariously on slopes and edges 
of me, sharply descending into white oblivion    
reluctantly, i wait 

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Saturday 14 July 2012

Au revoir

                                 french perfume tied by velvet rose            
                                 tear-shaped pearls with sand-papered glow  
                                 mirages   on   desert,    echoes                     
                                 mocking words, turning days hollow         
                                 cheeks sting from unexpected blow         
                                 mouth gapes like a flickering trout                                       
                                 film noir fan,  i'm not,  nor  sallow          
                                 C'est la vie ! i say, chest puffed ou


                you talk to me
                                after finishing your french toast 
                                burnt crisp at edges, 
                                like your words

                                while i eat creme brulee
                                slowly, prolonging each bite
                                twisting my au pair skirt,                                                           
                                i don't say anything
                                except to sigh and lick my spoon   
                                we now sound french         
                                to each other

First poem offering is a Huitain or Monk's Stanza Form - For Real Toads Challenge 
and D'verse Poets Pub:   A French Twist for Quatorze Juliet  

Poetry form:  Huitain form poem, also known as The Monk's Stanza
Line length: 8 (French) or 10 (English) syllables 
Rhyme scheme: ababbcbc
Number of lines: 8

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Thursday 12 July 2012

Like a river

when you arrived,
i didn't know what name to call you 

my eyes were blind,  
yellowed cheeks, a fading blue star        

your touch was 
a cold crystal grape in winter,

but i knew you like the roots
suddenly growing on my feet

arching to taste your skin,  
unripe mango, salted with earth 

i see your face, bright as the sun 
stirring my blood, river deep   

as i write my verse, 
untie my bow and cut my fears 

let me drift towards your voice,
warm red wine, storm-washed shore   

you have searched for me 
for the longest time  

tell me now:  

i am yours 

~0~0   The second part is my offering for Flash Fiction Friday  (55 words) for G-Man    ~0~0

puffy red-rimmed eyes,
clothes, all black, her favorite color
telling me her daughter’s father passed away

   lingering cancer  
           wife and 2 young children    
                  funeral  is this Saturday 

her adult daughter had quietly received news. 
he had left them years ago, when she was 

  doe-eyed lass
          blissfully na├»ve,
                 and pregnant. 
forgiveness came like a river.

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Monday 9 July 2012

Summer memories

Do you remember the creek behind our homes
where laughter pelted the guavas and star apples, 
ripe and crunchy in our mouths and billowed bellies,   
throwing stones at frogs croaking in summer heat  
                  Do you remember the road trip we gifted us: 
                  golden silence and magical windows we drew,
                  on coconut palms we traced our golden future, 
                  gazing at the sky, endless and blue as your eyes 

Do you remember the garden blooms you plucked,
the last day we exchanged promises, kisses deep
now withered red, like yesterday's harvest grapes     
bottled in wine cellar, labelled memories to keep                    

                 That time is like white sandbar in Pacific Ocean, 
                 which appears and disappears in the sea foam,  
                 we wade to go there, where nothing is waiting,     
                 yet find that everything is waiting, 

                 waiting for us 

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Saturday 7 July 2012

The gentle rain

the rain came this morning
like gentle kiss on a fevered brow
drenching the balcony window 
in dusky light and muted blue 

all through the week, summer heat
from your eyes blistered and cracked my skin,
like a forest fire raging out of control,
wounded bull running down Santo Domingo street

i remembered how sweet your first kiss was,
how soft your hands cupping my cheeks, 
until your addiction for sun blurred the lines,
black tarred the flesh craving for flesh,
flushing down our intimacy into dirty urine stall
i held your face, my evening star,    
with a bold marker, i penned the words:
black and white letters,  
crossing all t's, dotting all i's,
drawing height and weight of consequences,
fencing the boundaries to protect me and you. 
pinned atop our heads, we slept spooning the moon

the rain came this morning
like gentle kiss on a fevered brow
drenching the balcony window 
in dusky light and muted blue

Author's Note:   I learned about Boundary Agreement from Elsie of Turtle's Musings.   She is a loving partner of a recovering sex addict and she has bravely shared her story about their journey to healing.  Part of her agreement reads:
  • I will absolutely not tolerate any of your previous behavior with online affairs, sexting, cybering, emailing, webcam, sexual forums, or any other type of inappropriate behavior with another woman.  I will file for divorce the moment I find out.
  • I will absolutely not tolerate you having any type of physical contact with another woman.  This includes flashing each other, changing in front of each other, dressing up for each other, touching each other – any contact, even if you think it’s harmless like a neck rub or slapping her on her ass and vice versa – is forbidden in our marriage.  Hands Off!  I will file for divorce the moment I find out.
Thanks Elsie for letting me share your story. 

Posted for Real Toads:  Word from Laurie:   Demarcation
and D'verse Poets Pub:   Poetics :  Whatever the weather

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Thursday 5 July 2012


                                                         Jackson Pollock:  Convergence

unconventional strokes,
bold sweeping lines and curves,
pendulum from the center, stretched to edges
of storm sprayed canvas, 

she peers closely to decipher his name, 
to understand a little of his madness, embers and 
shape of his soul as colors dripped from his hands

freely, as eastern winds sweep blue mountain,    
joyously, as monarch butterflies travel south, 
rebelliously, as the last autumn leaf clings to the branch    

against the rigid rules and structure, his fingers  
smeared orange, yellow, black, blue, red, white, grey, green,
a salve for hands, itching to drown in bottles of vodka and wine 

again and again, he lived in the moment, lone voyager,
untouched by fame and pressure that circles like a vulture,
preying on his doubts, growing mushroom clouds in his mind

she touches the edge of the frame in loving gesture,
she had long lost him to the devil's cup and arms of other women, 
a poor replacement for his muse, who also left him in despair and grief        

now as she walks away, 
she treasures the gift he had given her:   

free spirit 

Posted for:   D'verse Poets Pub:   What's The Buzz
and Poets United:   Artist:    Jackson Pollock:   He became a leading artist, a pioneer in the Abstract Expressionism movement and is famous for his technique of dripping and pouring paint onto his canvases. He was married to Lee Krasner, also an artist, and was known for his extreme alcoholism.  Pollock died in an alcohol-related car accident in 1956.    

Monday 2 July 2012

Sand-washed afternoon

under the lemon sun 
even fresh red strawberries 
bruised dark purple under the scorching heat     

i discovered finally
how soft and yielding 
beach sands are under my paper-paled feet,  

how sweet watermelon and cantaloupe slices tasted
as your kisses lingered in the afternoon empty of expectations

plastic cups, filled with fresh water and knotweeds,    
salted our tongues, nibbling crispy chicken wings in disposable plates,                  
under big umbrella, wind-swept hair swayed to maple-leafed kite,  
fingers drumming faster and faster to touch the canvas sky  

the untamed grass, sand dunes falling into bamboo mats,     
wild sea alighting on your eyes, sweat running down bare belly               

i collected the smooth stones, pebbled grey and warm corals, 
into an endless necklace, i twined them, 

sea-braced memories and sand-washed poems 

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We had a long weekend holiday as July 1 is our Canada Day.  Thank you for your visits.   

I appreciate them.

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