Saturday 24 November 2012

Preparing to fall

fear trickles
slow descent 

of black and red 
dewdrops, pale sheen

reflects diminishing energy    
under duvet of gathering night 

rusting slowly, i recall 
fleeting moments like taste

of curry powder in choco-
late mousse, arching

of limbs in deep pleasure,
sated lips under the sweet rain-

waiting is short -   
before i could soak earthly flavors -  

the first frost falls,  
its white and delicate hands heavy on my throat -    

no mental preparation is adequate
for the sharp cut of separation, raw-stained  

pain stinging eyes, water rising 
and flooding the fragile chest --  

bare of seeds and thirsty blooms,
now crumbling faster than sands-- 

it was never a question of 
if and when, but how

in grieving and accepting,  
i fall with a graceful sweep--

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picture credit:  here

Saturday 17 November 2012

Autumn lilies

Picture credit:   Terry

i gaze across autumn lilies    
speckled orange and delicate 

it is mid-November
and sunrise is muted blue 

my fingertips trace the edges
serrated pink and curled 

i hold as we make love - lingering 
slow - amidst drone of subway 

running fast and furious as days
turn colder and fades 

in the brushstrokes of twilight -
mulched of seeds and fallen 

strong is the scent of darkness    
like grounded coffee beans   

i hear your words underfoot 
shaped green, restless moon 

sweeping changes, never far   
touching our feet, which keeps 

for another fragrant sip -
my stem clings to damp dew 

anchoring our love, muddy warm - 
in the coming winter 

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Wednesday 7 November 2012

When the night falls

when the night falls,
i search for you  

bare cusp, 
trembling like last leaf on branch 

my fingers run along the shape 
your face and torso

warm like red purple skies
as you hold me

in the evening cold
your real colors - smell of earth  

paints my pale skin golden sun,
lips wet as ripe plums    

the autumn window
makes me restless and eager

to behold twilight's awakening
sweeping the river gorge

electric blue, succulent grapes 
it is majestic  

as your serene eyes draping mine
when the night falls

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Saturday 3 November 2012

On forgetting the details

Photo credit:   SueAnn 

when you kissed me
under the darkening shade  

i forgot
how soft and tender the night can be

blurred of lines,
empty of violent shapes and crisp-

orange burns of sun and searing sky--
i imagine us

melting away in pit of darkness
but its only late afternoon

i have to catch my station train and bus,
cook dinner and - all the details -

the possibility of escape tempts me 
underground, away from the city crowd 

i look for the missing key
and find it dangling by the doorway 

but i am a creature of habit and old ways,    
so when i stammer to say goodbye --

i suddenly remember  
how hard and brittle cold the floor tiles are 

on my face -- 

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Thursday 1 November 2012

The ghost of you

-moonless night-
not a leaf nor limb
swayed in breeze 

I heard you breathing at the window

-stained ink- 
mug beside empty chair 
and upturned book

At first the goodbye had a lilt to it—
maybe just a couple of months—
but it was a beheading 

-sword slow motion-
crumbling inching-bit,     
i wanted 

quick death

Lines from Ghost Elephant by Jean Valentine

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