Sunday 10 July 2011

Perfect Day

seagulls screeching
toddlers splashing 
waves crashing 

mermaid watching 
jelly fish catching 
sea weed pulling 

 coral stones diving
sea shells picking
crab chasing

a sun-kissed day
sand drenched play
a perfect day

Author's Note:   This fun post is for Poetry Jam (as you can see my muse is frolicking at the beach).  The challenge is think about your favorite summer sport and write a poem about it. It could be ANY sport, at any time of your life.    

Growing up, summer meant swimming and lots of beach days.   I am not good in swimming though because I spent a lot of time collecting shells and mermaid watching.  :-)   

picture credit:     cristania.tumblr.  


  1. A sun kissed day....:) I like it!

  2. That really captures summer at the beach. Vet light and fun.

  3. nice...great way to stretch the prompt....smiles...but i think you got the sport...i so miss the beach...

  4. The ultimate ... perfect summer day. Your poem flows just the way that day would ...

  5. I used to love being at the beach when I was a little girl.
    I still do and miss it!
    Loved this!
    Wonderfully captured!

  6. This washes over me like a wave breaking on the shoreline. I like this poem, and can very much feel myself there.

    I welcome anything in story or prose that gives me a little further glimpse into the mystery that is you.

    Thanks for dropping by today, I've been woefully lacking in my blog visiting of late.

  7. Yes the beach is a great place to lounge about and spend the day. Ever see any mermaids?..haha

  8. I wish I were there now instead of overheating here in the suburbs!

  9. Few words, but you capture the essence of all that's going on at the beach.

  10. What a perfect-sounding day. ;-)

  11. An excellent response to the prompt.

  12. Lots of vivid images, fun times at the beach.

  13. I'm a mountain girl - but boy the beach sounds really to me right now :)

  14. Lovely! I can hear the ocean waves and feel the hot sand between my toes as I read your poem.

  15. Ahhh the beach! A fellow Canadian stopped by...smiles ♥

  16. yes. that is perfect.



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