Friday 8 July 2011


i just want to 

climb all over you 

scaling, mounting, gripping

till i am standing still 

till i am falling 

over you

Author's Note:   Just a fun and light post as I am exhausted from all the writing this week.   (Frankly I am in awe of how some can write almost everyday *coughBrianMillercough*.)   
Hope everyone has a nice weekend ~  

picture credit:   houseoferotica.tumblr 


  1. Lovely little Friday evening post. Short and sweet. :-)

    Hope you have a nice weekend too!

  2. well nothing like a little mountain climbing...haha...very nice, aggressive but not over the

    better watch that cough...smiles.

    may miss tomorrow as i am really not feeling great at all tonight...

  3. Oh, I love this feeling. Love this post. ;-)

  4. Nothing wrong with an erotic quickie.. Nice post...
    Have a great weekend...

  5. A great little quickie it was, just remember to watch the nails when you grip..haha

    Yeah Brian goes at it every day and still comments on everybody, he's a machine.

  6. Beautiful words as always. You seem to speak so easily to convey your erotic core.

  7. That would surely make a mountain out of my mole hill!

  8. hmm - the best place after all the climbing is the view and then the letting go...and fall into each other...smiles
    and rgd. your comment over at my place - i won't walk always..just a mouseclick away..

  9. i love when a few words say EVERYTHING!

  10. i agree with Claudia ~ love that falling! yum!


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