Monday 13 June 2011

Arousing Passion

Tip on Intimacy:  

Sharing a warm and leisurely bath 

While searching for pictures, I came across this tumblr blog of a young couple and thought it was very interesting that they blog together to help their relationship.  Here is an introduction :

"Married for 7 years. For many of those years, especially the last few, our relationship has lacked intimacy and passion. We decided to start this blog to reignite the fires deep inside ourselves, to grow our love for each other... and hopefully help some others do the same."

They have shared a personal experience on role playing (Wife As The Daring Dominatrix) which you can read here.   What I like about them is that they are in this journey of self discovery and sexual exploration together.   Both are  honest, and open to explore intimacy with the aim of keeping their marriage (with each other).

Rekindling and arousing passion in a partner, specially with a long time partner, takes creativity, a rather short memory (for those times he or she is less than wonderful), and a  lot of patience.   For this modern and young couple, they turn to blogging as a means for them to become closer to each other.   For other couples, it may mean taking long walks together, movie dates or going out of town for a short vacation without the children.     

Would you consider blogging together with your partner to make you closer to each other? 

picture credit:   arousingpassion.tumblr


  1. You bet I would. I believe intimacy on any level should be shared with your partner. I also think having a male and female perspective on the same situation would be very interesting.

  2. I think it's a wonderful idea to blog together.

  3. this is awesome, it takes two to really make that passion work...some great wisdom in that last paragraph too...

  4. Why not? I'm sure we might even discover we still have a few surprises for each other.

  5. I came across this picture on Tumblr and reposted it. I think it is a great idea to do a common blog, it must help you to grow closer.

  6. Nice idea - I will take it to my partner!


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