Thursday 23 October 2014


Let me count the ways:

The day is a splendor in glass
Weaving my brokenness to light

My memories, sepia & rust-veined
Ignite with colour & shades of robust wine

Though the pinery oaks are shedding fast
My eyes are glad of piles of sweet apples

Of plums, pumpkins, & pears in baskets
The sun burns, soft as milkweed

I tally fallen maple leaves on ground:
Orange brown, yellow corn, russet wood

As I lay my head on bed of wet leaves
Your eyes are crinkling of sky

I hear murmurings of starlings  
I taste the pulp of orange tamarind fruit,

Shaved ice on purple yam & custard-
Bread, newly baked, is honey on my tongue

Your kisses, hard of passion
Swirls my skin to roaring sea tide 

Where but here
Leaves flame until the last dying breath

You are the beekeeper,
Keeping my heart a seed

In this garden of nettle sage,
blue cornflower & lavender

You are the reason I stay

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - List Poem - Hosted by Tony M ~


  1. Nice vivid list of autumn 'Leaves flame until the last dying breath' and the reason to stay...x

  2. i love the feel of it... it feels of love and passion and harvest and all the things that make life rich and colorful...

  3. Ah.. this is so sweet.. you can write about love and passion so it sounds sincere and real... the list is most effective here..

  4. sun burn soft as milkweed....smiles...i like...the you are the beekeeper keeping my heart to the directness of that how you come at that last line as well through everything you have said so far...its cool

  5. Another vivid, emotional, graphic depiction of romantic relating; very enjoyable romp round Autumn's baskets of dying dreams & color spectrum of aura; I did stumble a bit in stanza 2 with /memories/ignites; for me it is more palatable if memory ignites, or memories ignite.
    Like the line /bread, newly baked, is honey on my tongue/.

    1. Thanks Glenn ~ Was editing the poem in a rush & didn't notice the lapse ~

  6. What stands out for me in this list poem is the way that collection of items engage with all the senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. That's not an easy thing to do, and is a sure sign of a thought-out list poem.


  7. Lovely autumn list of someone in love I'd say ....from purple yams to beekeeper, you have written a dream list for many.

  8. Sigh. You've exceeded the sensual again with trees turning and a couple staying. Nice. It helped me slow down from a very speedy day.

  9. Beautiful poem Grace, the lists cement your reasons for being where you are. Well done.

  10. Everything that occurs two as one can sure give both a reason to stay. Like the beekeeper too.

  11. Nice blend of Autumn and romance. I always love your writing Grace. The words you select are so vivid and full of color.

  12. stunning...such a wonderful swirl of images...quite perfect.

  13. It is very sweet and colourful in yellow/red/autumn shades as if fading away at a smooth pace. Very romantic.

  14. What a very lovely poem, Grace. I like the things you are tallying. Add autumn in there, and you have perfection.

  15. I like the way how you weaved vivid images of fall with romance. Your poem is thus warm and sensual.

  16. :)So, many beautiful things woven intricately to pour out the emotions of a love filled heart.

  17. Love the rich texture of the poem as always..

  18. This is so passionate! And the imagery is gorgeous!

  19. Beauty, gratitude, passion... that's living!

  20. lush and luscious, Grace. Have a good weekend ~

  21. Gorgeous...I love the beekeeper keeping my heart a seed.

  22. Your language is gorgeous, Grace. It drips of honey, itself. All of it is a pleasure to read/hear/say, but the ending is my favorite:

    "In this garden of nettle sage,
    blue cornflower & lavender"

    And then that perfect closing line that ties back to the title and opening.

  23. You have a lovely way with words, Grace.

  24. The mixture of autumn and love is fantastic. Very nice.

  25. I always love so much what you do with words. These I could eat, savouring the taste and texture in my mouth! Gorgeous poem, as always.

  26. Gorgeous, as always Grace, I am smitten with your words~

  27. Just harvested my last carrots ... had some frost ... and tasting so sweet now ... nothing much to be done on my land now ... land is waiting for snow ... and the hunting season is starting soon ... but not on my land ... Love, cat.

  28. Grace. I visited you first. For I was curious.

    I love your list.

  29. "Ignite with colour & shades of robust wine" this instantly conjured such an image in my mind!

  30. Eloquent piece Heavan, liked these lines...
    "You are the beekeeper,
    Keeping my heart a seed"

    peace and love

  31. You are quite creative with words. Lovely writing!


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