Monday 21 November 2011

Mad adventure

coral-crushed grains of sand
soft as your open palms, waiting 

hesitantly i dip my toes into cool water
curious, then diving in full measure

azure waves ripple, dance against 
quiet afternoon legs, broken by

whispering sea shells, scuttling crabs,
lingering seaweeds, cries of seagulls

invigorated  by the sea swim,
i climb on your broad shoulders

pondering the briny depths for maps, 
compass points, shallow footprints  

till we see the swish tail of dolphins
racing furiously to kiss setting sun  

mad adventure,  gut-spilling leaps 
electrifying sprays unto our faces     

waving and laughing, we hold hands 
excited to begin our journey 

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Sharing a memory of this scene ~   I am thankful for all the "mad adventures".      
Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers and friends.

picture credit:   here


  1. Just beautiful, Heaven. You have reminded me that what I would really love to do right now is dip my toes inthe ocean. I loved reading about your 'adventure.'

  2. nice...i once swam with dolphins in the wild...gave me rather a start at first as i thought they were sharks...lovely texture to this...

  3. Wonderful :]

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  4. I love those dolphins! They look so joyful.

  5. You make me homesick for the ocean........

  6. Sounds like a fun adventure indeed, might even beat robbing a nice living by the ocean too, you truly captured it.

  7. great imagery. i especially like -> gut-spilling leaps
    electrifying sprays unto our faces

  8. I really enjoyed this. Great read.

  9. I loved n enjoyed this mad adventure !!

  10. I had the remarkable experience of lying on the prow of a twin-hulled vessel while dolphins swam along right under me, just a hand's breadth away. It's one of the most enervating experiences of my life.

  11. hotspicywings@yahoo.com22 November 2011 at 10:05

    beautiful! love wild rides! ;)

  12. so well expressed!

  13. This is one of your best, I think. Now I'm going to drool over more of your pictures!

  14. Beautiful. I've been so lucky here to have seen them or porpoise swimming wild and free as they should be.
    Another lovely piece from you.

  15. Love this...and these lines whispering sea shells, scuttling crabs,
    lingering seaweeds, cries of seagulls......I am blessed to have had moments like this.

  16. Great piece, love the imagery and the feel within the write. Some great word choices really inspiring that shared experience. And that pic of the dolphins is phenomenal. Thanks

  17. I smell the salt air, hear the waves, and feel the water all around me. I love a piece that I can "feel," and I feel like I was there. Wonderful writing and word choice. Well done.

  18. i climb on your broad shoulders

    pondering the briny depths for map

    Fantastic words!

    I have tried many times for a photo like that. If that is yours, it is amazing.

  19. Ahhhh, just love the ocean and don't get there nearly enough. You took us on a wonderful journey ending with:

    "waving and laughing, we held hands
    excited to begin our journey"

    What could be better? This made me want to come back as a mermaid : ) Thank you.

  20. I was there.. great imagery and now i to long to swim..

    very nice poem!!

  21. great imagery here. I like the image of the dolphins also ''the swish tail of dolphins
    racing furiously to kiss setting sun''
    a great catch of a good time.

  22. Lacking some "Mad Adventures" life might be reduced to insufferable automation. Thanks for sharing one of your own...I know there are many more in your life, and you are not shy about posting.

    So we wait!


  23. sounds like a good start to an exciting journey.. happy thanksgiving to you as well heaven

  24. It is a wonder, often enough, the things we can look out into nature and pull upon, both for inspiration and strength. A happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend! May it treat you well.

  25. Its lovely ... heaven... I enjoyed the journey ... thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  26. "pondering the briny depths for maps,
    compass points, shallow footprints"

    I love the way you explore another through the use of nature and metaphor.
    Some really beautiful images captured here.

  27. Nice. I too once swam with dolphins. They had laser beams attached to the heads...(different story:))

    Thanks for posting!

  28. As the cold of winter threatens, all the more do I wish to escape to the warm sea, where I feel a sense of coming home.

  29. lovely, alive, enjoyable. Thank you

  30. that. was. gorgeous.


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