Sunday 27 November 2011

November days

the 11th hour is near
silver cloudy sky, bare forlorn trees 
fallen topaz leaves on auburn ground 

she lingers 
haunted by memories draping her white wrap  
unaccepting of winter's breath on horizon 

she listens
music strains of spring's dances 
violin strings plucking her autumn's soul

still, she hopes 
clutching painting of chrysanthemums,   
basket of wine and bread, eternal love, he said

the whistling train is calling 
almost the end of long journey, near the last pages 
riveted to pulsing words, capturing imagination

he pauses.... beguiled by her serene smile,  
an unturned page, November days framed,  

forget her, he could not      

Posted for The Gooseberry Garden:   Poetry Picnic - November, change, winter, hope.   
For this prompt, I have used symbols and meaning for the month of November.
Though cooler now, we are experiencing a relatively "warm" November.   No sign of snow yet.  
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  1. autumn is sticking around a lot longer here too...they do say that this week will be the turn for us and we will be freezing by weeks end...

    nice imagery the layer of music in that third stanza...

    toward the end, "he pause" (pauses?)

  2. Thanks Brian. In anticipation, we have changed into winter's tires. I hope winter will come and go quickly.

  3. your imagery of autum lingering is breathtaking dear friend...

  4. "riveted to pulsing words"
    I love the image of words alive.
    I love November, always have.
    Thanks for a lingering piece.....

  5. yeah, clever piece w/symbols of the 11th month replete. very, very kool.

  6. This is one of those where I say to myself..."damnit! I wish I had written this!" I LOVE your use of imagery and the softness in your words. It's like looking in on a dream! Beautiful!


  7. We just had a snowfall of about 8 inches. Enough to have to shovel and pile! Thankfully it all melted quickly because it warmed up the following day but, winter is on its way here for sure. Yuck!
    Lovely piece on it here from you once again.

  8. Same here, November has been unusually warm, actually waiting for the sun to set a bit so I can go on a run.

  9. wow. the colors. the words. the feelings. extraordinary!!

    i love this!

  10. "her serene smile, an unturned page" hmmmm I like this right there...speaks of so much, really nice heaven!!

    my gooseberry offering:

  11. "fallen topaz leaves on auburn ground"

    What a perfect November line!

  12. Beautiful write! Absolutely wonderful!

  13. Has been a great fall mild and nice, until this stupid snow fell here. I so hope it will come and go and let spring show.

  14. "Violin strings plucking her autumn's soul", I love this line.

    What a gorgeous picture.

  15. A most enjoyable read. Loved every word of it! Thanks.

  16. Lovely, Heaven! I truly enjoyed reading your poem :) Blessings, Terri

  17. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing...

  18. A WOW and stunning are among the descriptions that come to mind!!

  19. Thanks! An awesome poem. Loved to read it, wonderfully done.


  20. Wow! Masterful use of words and imagery. Loved it!


  21. Hi Heaven, sorry if I have come by this post rather late in the week, and also for leaving this message here: I've noticed your continued support and involvement in the Real Toads site. Please contact me if you are interested in membership.


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