Friday, 18 November 2011

Gentle night

i inhale your tender sighs
warming my soft breasts

i savor the slow beat
flickering candle lights

i listen to silky cadence
enveloped in your ardent arms

our hands grasp firmly
sea of our passion

cherishing breadth and
fullness of precious time

gentle is the night
when we celebrate us

Shared with The Gooseberry Garden:   Poetry Picnic 14:  What I am thankful for in my life.   I am thankful for the quiet moments with my family.  


  1. Wow ramping it up even more this time, truly passionate and sensual piece, great job!

  2. nice...celebrating us...that is awesome heaven...felt the heat on it but i think that goes much deeper than love making...

  3. You sure have the knack for this, Heaven. Wonderful.

  4. i especially love your opening line.

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  6. This poem is hot!! I never used the word "hot" to describe a poem before, so consider that a really nice compliment. I've been reading through your blog and you are VERY talented. You got a new follower :) I can't wait to catch up!

  7. Hot and cool!
    ...*Celebrate us* that is a phrase to be kept in a big book!

  8. Such a lovely write Heaven. It's how I feel around the holidays, when I wish for a moment, just for us...

  9. Oohlala. Wonderful write. : )

  10. You are one spicy taco, Heaven!

  11. Beautiful! A wonderful thing to be thankful for!

  12. "Silky cadence" is beautiful and fits so well.

  13. Beautiful words of love's celebration. Wonderful!

  14. Lovely! Reminds me of that song...Tonight I celebrate my love for you. Tonight...there will be no distance between us...It's an 80's ballad. Can't remember the singers now.

    Very nicely penned, Heaven.

  15. very sensual and romantic piece.
    yes. I remember love.

    very nice piece here. all in couplets too! even more apropos!

  16. I love the idea of "celebrat(ing) us" - very sensual.

  17. beautifully said -

    "gentle is the night
    when we celebrate us"

    nice! thank you ;-)


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