Sunday 11 December 2011


forget you, i want to
as winter sky curtains my windows

blurring lips, i want to
as spring flowers garnish my garden

fading lines, i want to
as summer ocean warms my feet

smudging mirrors, i want to 
as autumn leaves wither my pathway  

forget you, i still could not  
as winter sky drapes landscape anew 

all our photographs have now
faded into black and white frames,

shadows clinging to wood pine walls,   
wrapped tight in grey still memories, 

regrets, i have none 
though i still hover the window awning 

hoping for a glimpse of your brown cap, 

serene smile, i hope to find  
buried under red ink stains of your letters  

The Gooseberry Garden:   PhotosNostalgia, Memories, and Families,
Poetry Jam:   Past and Future

A peek at the family's album reveals a young solider who went to war and never returned. I am thankful for all those who serve and die for our country.   I hope they can come home and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.  (I enjoy watching their surprise homecoming and reunion). 

picture credit:  here


  1. this was so touching! May they all find their way home safely!!!!

    happy potluck!
    my entry:

  2. very that you honor those that served...neat connection to your own family as the walk through the seasons and still looking...

  3. Thank you...a tribute to those who serve and those who wait...sometimes in vain, sometimes receiving joy.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  4. Beautiful tribute of remembrance - lovely comments following too. Thanks for remembering those who serve. May they all come home safely, and soon.

  5. Touched me to the core as that young soldier in my life was my father. Beautiful.

  6. Wonderful, I hope they get to come home and spend the holidays with family as well. And blasted winter, I wish for spring too.

  7. nostalgia, seasons n people who make memories... a perfect blend of words.

    simply loved it n yeah m feeling nostalgic too !!

  8. Wonderful round up of things around us,people,family,seasons and all. Beautiful verse!


  9. This one is pure heaven, Heaven! I really like it! Beautiful!

  10. HI Heaven! I read this as a song. I could hear the music in my head. Beautiful!


  11. very moving and powerful

  12. winter sky curtains my window.

    Truly beautiful! Many soldiers go off full of themselves, (in a good way) eager to make a difference, do good. The lucky ones come back, often with quite different than when they left...

  13. Very touching and beautiful! As usual, wonderfully written.

  14. Thanks for participating at Poetry Jam and for visiting my blog. I am so enjoying seeing the different directions people have taken with my prompt. I first read this one as a lover lament about a lover who had walked out. Then read your comments about the soldiers, which gave it a whole different meaning. Nice work!

  15. Very touchy ... I hope they will all return for the holidays.

  16. Oh how I love this! It is so beautiful!Thank you for sharing with me ...with us! X

  17. Not only did this speak to me, but I enjoyed the style as well... I especially like:

    shadows clinging to wood pine walls

  18. all our photographs have now
    faded into black and white frames

    loved this line...sounded different.

  19. This is beautiful, Heaven! I love the repetition of "I want to." Very effective.



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