Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas star

the winter of content
drapes her thin shoulders
as she prepares their late dinner
sprinkling pepper on casserole
warming kitchen fire, 
she hums a christmas song

the days are shorter now,
folding under bed of snow
slumbering nights envelops
house in mellowed lantern sky
frosted windows peek ceiling of
red bells, cones and festive boughs

paring small potatoes and carrots
she muses on months past,  

when he got his pink slip from
his work, and she too lost her job.
with a sigh, she gathers vegetable
stirring them in the boiling soup.

outside, the cold breeze stings his face.
finding work in the factory has been 

a tasteless mutton on his plate, but mounting 
bills must be paid, so he toils and waits
for the clock to sigh it was time to go.   

gathering thick coat, he trudges his truck 
through the slippery road, a long journey home.  

lighting the advent candles, she rearranges
home baked cookies, cheese, ham and fruits in
season’s platter.   a luxury in these hard times,

but she insisted on a nice dinner, specially 
christmas eve.  her hands linger on the table linen,
as she waits for her husband to arrive home.

the old brick house glitters in purple night
white dust swirling, he opens the front door

shrugging off the day's bitterness from his voice,   
he calls out a hearty greeting, "I'm home."
the aroma of home cooked food welcomes
and warms his ice numbed hands. 

taking off his woolen scarf, he embraces her,
saying, "I have a surprise for you."   

laughing she extends her hands in excitement  

he places a brown box wrapped in red ribbons near
pine decorated tree.   he looks at her, his heart racing

her eyes are shining, radiant bright 
as she peels away paper tissues 
to hold the classic books she always wanted to read.

her long hair is gone, skin pale from
chemo sessions, and frail from weight loss.   
but her fierce spirit radiates, and 
so does hope... fluttering, sparkling in his chest.

she is still the brightest star in his life

Posted for Romantic Friday Writers:   Challenge is Sparkle - Word limit:  400.  
Happy Holidays and thanks for the visit.

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  1. i am glad their love still burns bright in spite of her health challenges and his work mutton on the plate was a nice line...nice story telling heaven..

  2. thanks Brian. fiction writing is not my strong form but i like trying out new writing styles and a longer write as well.

  3. Wow - complete with chills and all. I was not expecting that last part about the cancer. Nicely spun , heaven.

  4. tragic and romantic simultaneously...

  5. Great job, wonderful storytelling indeed and a longer one fit well on your feed. And through everything she still shines bright, nice!

  6. Beautiful storytelling, heaven. I love it!

  7. well, the turn comes last. I didn't know what to expect …maybe he would be in an accident on the snowy, slippery road, but I thought it would be him, not her.

    sad tale. yet hope is still there, though fluttering.
    nicely depicted, even though it saddens me.

  8. Beautifully done. A powerful message of love and life.

  9. This brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't expecting that ending. But it was such a loving exchange between them too. He with his gift for her and she with the wonderful meal in spite of their hardships.

    Very touching.

  10. A beautiful, poignant story that shows through mounting adversity hope shines

  11. Very touching piece. Thank you for sharing!

    Erick Flores

  12. How so touching,Heaven! The flames of eternal love burns and lingers on despite trials and tribulations. One for Christmas cheer!


  13. Hi,

    This is such a touching poem! Through all the strife and grind of life he thinks only of her... Lovely!


  14. Love the way you wrote this, Heaven. Beautiful storytelling. I would call it prosetry. Suits you just as well as your usual style, IMHO. Glad you could join us at RFW this week. It's a lovely group.

  15. OMG! Touching.. totally rivetting! Very engrossing too. Bless true lovers :)

    I am readable at ~

  16. Dear Heaven,
    I agree with Adura Ojo, your poem is beautiful both as a poem as well as a story. Well crafted plot with quite a lot of suspense, lovely images, an atmosphere of warmth throughout, and an unexpected ending that makes us see how deep your protagonists' love is.
    Well done! Makes me think of O.Henry's 'The Gift of the Magi', but your story has even more bite to it!

    Thank you for your kind words about my little musical story. I have given you a special extra link as 'first commenter'.

    I have been trying to write a poem for the next RFW-challenge, but I am so bad at it! Wish me luck!

    Best wishes,

    For the benefit of other readers:

    Anna's RFW challenge No 27 Sparkle!

  17. love this,

    love prevails, what a divine take on holiday and love.

  18. wonderful to see you experimenting different styles of writing...keep it up!

  19. My God Heaven, this is spectacular. So many hits to the solar plexus. First the 'prosetry' sounded like a hard luck story, lost jobs, then whammy, it's a lot more than that. Great slow reveal. A real fiction piece that sparkled with romance and deep, enduring love.

    Thank you for posting for RFWer. It is always extra special when you write for us.

    Happy Christmas!


  20. All of the marvelous details make this feel so real. Nice write, Heaven.

  21. its like whole of a life narrated in those lines... superbly done n u says u r not good at it... C'mon :)

    at the end love can give u strength to conquer all !!

    Lovely read !!!

  22. A stunningly beautiful story, Heaven. You've outdone yourself with this one! Terrific write!

  23. lovely story! enjoyed it very much.

  24. Hello.
    I love the imagery of this. You took me by surprise with the ending though. Just goes to show, even in the most trying times, love always shines through.
    Very nicely done Heaven!

    For ref:
    On This Painful, Tear-Filled Night

  25. Love is a powerful thing and can carry ones we love through challenges such as illness. I relate to this in a personal way. Beautifully written.

  26. wow.

    this was just...


  27. Hi Heaven
    This is absolutely wonderful. So full of sorrow in what is true for many right now yet over flowing with love and hope. Great job!

  28. What a beautiful poem of this season; and the love expressed within warmed my heart this cold winter morning.

  29. Moved to a tear. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Wow!
    A beautiful poetry :)

    Like your sparkling piece of thought and your blog :)

    Keep Shinning my dear :)

  31. This piece tilted more towards a story than poetry,but either ways quite well crafted.

  32. Heartwarming, Heaven. I didn't expect that ending.

  33. Wow! You led me along and then blew me away.

  34. Hard to top what everyone else has said, just simply amazing. Brought tears to my eyes too.

  35. Sad story but nicely told. Makes me realize again how blessed I am.

  36. Sniff, sniff...omg, what a beautiful poem/story! So real. I could feel the excitement and love between them.

    The giving of the book was so wonderful and their hope and sparkle very special and rare.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Heaven : ))


  37. Beautiful .. Am glad i finally got to check your blog !! Loved reading amny of the posts :)

  38. What a wonderful (though tragic) holiday yarn, expertly spun.

  39. an excellent poet..hats off ! Merry Christmas !

  40. That was a moving and powerful piece, Heaven.


  41. Such a touching, poignant, moving tale you have woven here, culminating in excquisit closing of my favorites of yours so far. Loved it.

  42. full of love ~ beautifully written, Heaven.

    wishing you the happiest of holidays and hopes that 2012 will be filled with happiness for you!

    ♥ dani

  43. Hello Heaven.
    You might want to check the Romantic Friday Writers are the Featured Writer of the Week. Congratulations!

  44. True love knows no bounds. An excellent piece - with actions drawing the depth of love. Keep the love going!

  45. love it,

    a 5 star write,
    Thanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas and
    Happy New Year.


  46. Exquisite, that is. Too much xmas nog??

  47. Oh Heaven, this is truly, truly beautiful! The struggle to live....Yet so easy to love! You are just an amazing writer. Congratulations. Your words moved me. Isn't that what all art is about? Thank you for sharing such poetic yet realist beauty!


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