Saturday 15 October 2011

Still beautiful

i set aside my green bag  
containing red rosary beads, 
spare change, plane ticket

unfolding white coarse sheets
i spread it across lumpy bed
too small for both of us

jagged mirrors on ceilings  
collage of past diversions,
or maybe transgressions 

we both ignore as we 
kiss gently at first trying to 
remember how it was, were

heated embrace, bodies fitting
as we rock to familiar rhythm, 
each vigorous thrust an imprint, 

amidst crowded narrow streets,
beggars, hustlers, mayhem traffic, 
uncollected garbage, polluted air  

warming satiny skin as your tongue 
probes, taste my pink buds,  until
gripping arms, i cry out  ...   


bitter sweet tamarind, red yellow papaya,
palm trees decorating brown walls
dividing, segregating rooms; we unstick

labels stitched on our foreheads, 
revelling in our bodies pulsating, still
an unbroken refrain despite oceans apart,  

then with gentle warm fingers
you cup my pale face, saying 

i am still beautiful

tracing lines under your tired eyes,
i kiss your rough, blistered palms
whispering softly, 

no, you are ....

Posted for D'Verse Poets Pub - Poetics.   The prompt is to write about a Taboo Subject - How to be Fearless and Nothing Else.    This post came from visiting my family in another part of the world. I spent close to two weeks there, happy and sad times.  Though I am presently living in Canada,  it saddens me to see the country mired in greed, bitter politics, and poverty, despite the "progress".  Nevertheless, it is my motherland, a beautiful place for me.         

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  1. this is hot...intimate...some really cool textures...we take hte labels from our foreheads is a great line...each thrust an imprint...i like...

  2. this is sensual, ecxites and leaves a tear...bravo

  3. i like the structure and how it weaves

  4. when we go "home" it can be liberating and confining.. like the way you wove the two together.. bittersweet and delicious all in one poem..

    well done!

  5. Some sexy stuff here. The little bed told me that couple wasn't in Kansas any more. (Even crummy motels have big beds) the details of food, streets, linens and clothing labels presents a complete picture of somewhere else, and yet there was such warmth and sweetness..through your italicized words. Well done.

  6. A sensual treat... I love how the streets change after going home.

  7. Think I need to go have a cold shower now, geez you pulled out all the stops this time, not that you have ever a problem going taboo..haha

  8. You led us on a sensuous journey initially Heaven! But it is actually a serious lament in the end. We then realize how lucky we are compared to others.


  9. my goodness! this poems is so beautiful!! I love it! Very sexy too! :)

  10. home is where the ones you love are I guess - whether on a lumpy bed in another country or in the security of your own bedroom. your true heart shines through here and thank you for your comment on my blog today. It meant a lot.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful comments.

    You might as well ask me..what is fearless about my post? It is also about loving another person, "oceans apart", and finding him or her beautiful despite "rough, blistered palms." To love, despite challenges, is fearless to me.

  12. I love the last lines.

  13. making love to a country...remembering how it was..discovering the beauty in the ugliness...i like

  14. Deep emotional and beautiful journey love someone across the ocean that you have not seen in a long time.... then to see them again and feel the same even though distance and time stands in your way. Love this.

  15. This was a sensual treat to read, and your explanation made it even moreso!

  16. Hello.
    This is sensual & tender...a reminder that love, wherever it happens, is beautiful.

    Nice write, Heaven.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Bashful Lady

  17. This is undoubtably hot and sensual and satisfying-wraps me in a blanket-

    you do this so well heaven but this from me stands out as you introduce and intersperse some great lines that juxtapose the above ideals "labels stitched on our foreheads'

    fantastic - this gives proportion and awards I'd be the dynamic to your work

    stylishly sexy surreal

  18. Intimate, sensual and exciting.

  19. This poem is beautifully sensual, filled with sexuality, longing, sadness and tenderness. It was a pleasure to read.

  20. Oh ... thank you for turning me on to dVerse!

  21. Your writing is always good. This reads so well and is soo..sensual. Yet, distant. I like the wordplay with all the veggies.

  22. Love these lines: "kiss gently at first trying to
    remember how it was"

  23. this is such a beautiful, intimate write..I had to pause when I read your commentary regarding your home visit. A wonderful, creative metaphor for when we revisit what we have lost ~

  24. I could feel the "otherness" in the setting of your poem. Very sensual. Nicely done.

  25. hotspicywings@yahoo.com19 October 2011 at 09:14

    mmm... beautiful!

  26. Love the sensuality of this piece

  27. powerful message sent with sexy ideas, superb writing.

  28. Nearly all your writing is from the heart - that's why it's so good... // Peter.

  29. Heaven, truly a fabulous treat reading this. I actually read this three times, enjoyed it that much. Love what you crafted here. Very, very nice. I am just starting to read other poets and so thrilled you were the first. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for your visit and comment. Have a wonderful day.


Thanks for your visit and comments ~ I appreciate them ~