Saturday 6 July 2013

Us, the puzzle

you place me  
         puzzle knot by puzzle knot 

unto a canvas  
         my hands curl towards you, like vines

the colors of me
         fan like seeds, crimson as summer blooms 

above the sky
         i stretch like wheats in the field, shuffled gold-  

lean on me, you say & i do    
         entranced with the boldness in your eyes & words -  

how they drip & suckle the best of me
         my lips murmur sounds strange to me & i let 

the unfamiliar become familiar, from
         the hard taste of your tongue to the soft back of your knees

the shape of your hips 
         drowning in the night, cryptic as the crescent moon    

over time, each part of me falls into
        old chinese box & you are gathering them like pearl 

tiles, stacked neatly & over time, i learn of a 
        paradox: some part of us will never fit & will remain  

solitary,  uncut diamond rock,  
        unpredictable keylock-
like the weather, we are always on our toes,
        trying to push&fit the pieces of our days, 

yet leaving some things un/
       angled, a mystery, unfolding still -
there's beauty in waking up to see the sun rise & 
        paint our sky 
                                             unfinished  &    

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  1. Life is for sure a mystery unfolding, a puzzle with familiar blending with unfamiliar, all pieces coming together in their own way, a continual creation really. I enjoyed your take. Have a great weekend, Grace.

  2. ah i'm all for unfinished painted skies and puzzles that don't really fit boring would it be if all fits, is done and then...? ha.... good to have always riddles left to solve and things to discover in the loved one... and life in general... smiles

    1. Unfinished painted skies is good ~ Thanks Claudia ~

  3. love the final line, and how the couplets themselves echo the couple. Warm from the deep, as always, Heaven. ~ M

  4. I better not end up with a piece missing, i hate when that happens lol yeah nothing fits the greatest in real life, makes it more interesting

  5. wish someone would play me like a puzzle :)

  6. I love the last bit so much Heaven, how it says it's unfinished like the sky and just stops, absolutely genius stuff. Really good work.

  7. nice...i really like the opening...the placing of the knots on knots plays well with the curling in of the hands...the familiar becoming familiar...the old chinese box...smiles...nice how this builds on each other...the leaving of some things unangled...unfigured...a bit of mystery....which is always good to me...

    1. Unangled, a bit of mystery ~ Thanks Brian ~

  8. Grace, what a puzzle of sensuality you've pput together asnd left open ended. Marvelous.>KB

  9. Love the close and that's not to say I don't love it all!

    Love is indeed a puzzle too and I'm glad of that, wouldn't like someone to know me inside out. There is intrigue in missing pieces...

    Anna :o]

    1. Missing pieces are intriguing ~ Thanks Anna ~

  10. Very sensual and love is as much a puzzle as life itself. Always unanswered questions and pieces that never quite fit. Lovely write!

  11. aaah very sensual - a lovely, vivid piece, Grace. loved the ending...

  12. ...aww, you are so very right with what you have mentioned here & there Grace... i most especially like that latter part... now i have another one to quote with... lovely, lovely, lovely as always... now, go... don't settle yet for we have, still, so many to fill... excellent take Grace... smiles...

  13. Beautifully romantic and eloquent. Lovers who don't exactly fit in the puzzle but unite regardless. Love your unending. You have such talent Grace.

  14. Perfect unfinished ending :)

    You have such a way with words, very sensuously done.

  15. Absolutely beautiful, grace" My favorite line:
    "over time, each part of me falls into
    old chinese box & you are gathering them like pearl "

    Well crafted.

  16. Puzzle knot by puzzle knot this poem takes on so much! The seemingly passive and collectible--the narrator stretches and leans and tastes and curls. If only it could all be let go ... and yet I must thank God that it cannot, that parts don't fit, that we remain our own.

  17. clear brilliance. this has shifted my mood completely. intimacy is a puzzle in so many ways. lovely.

  18. beautiful, puzzle pieces fit together perfectly

  19. Hurray for when things do fit and hurray when they don''s the mystery of discovering that is the reward...and I felt here I was part of the Da Vinci Code but in a bedroom ...beautiful really

  20. Beautifully crafted, Grace! An open-ended finish left the emotions still lingering in warmth and splendor! Brilliant!


  21. Beautiful poem; a wonderful take on the prompt.

  22. This is a beautiful piece .. and I do really like the things that don't really fit, and the cycle of life puzzle really never has an end...

  23. Wonderful write...pieces fitting together, but then the uncut diamond...great.

  24. Elegantly done Grace! Love that open-ended close.

  25. Wonderfully done with that ever present sensual undertone.

  26. Eloquent, as always. You have such a gift. My favorite, the one where imagery became a visual for me,
    "unto a canvas
    my hands curl towards you, like vines"
    So beautiful, thank you for always writing and sharing it with the rest of us

  27. wonderful how you circle back to puzzles, and the end-


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