Friday 15 June 2012

To the young lady

summer sun fills windows
with burst of crimson and yellow blooms,
trumpeting blues and shadows of winter

golden glow envelops your body,
colt with long flowing legs, not a child
but a budding teen, newborn butterfly

your brownish eyes, still innocent,   
look at me like the clear water by creek, 
gently flowing and trusting the wind

do not hurry to grow up quickly,
I say but tarry awhile and run in fields,
chasing squirrels and red breasted robins     

cusp of leaves fall on your long hair, 
as you chat and giggle with friends, 
portrait of woman to be, full of promise 

do not fall in love with boy just yet,
I say but with the wonder of crystal raindrop
and wingspan of the eagle above   

blow dandelion seeds in afternoon sky 
as you walk home,  forever framed, 
as it is the best time to be, just my daughter

Posted for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads   
and D'verse Poet Pub:   Triversen   

picture credit:   here    


  1. hotspicywings@yahoo.com15 June 2012 at 11:35

    stay...just a little bit longer... :D

  2. "with the wonder of crystal raindrop
    and wingspan of the eagle above

    blow dandelion seeds in afternoon sky
    as you walk home"

    What a portrait! This poem should help you hold this beauty to heart as new images bloom.

  3. You created the perfect dream ... so nice!

  4. oh i feel you on wanting to hold onto them just a bit...and them not to be in a hurry to grow up or rush the will def derail a budding teen quick if they are not ready for the pain that often comes with it as well...

  5. Grace, you master the form so beautifully here; each stanza so haiku-like and yet like dancing water each flows to the next. The images, each alluding to nature; each employing such vivid imagery. Lovely poem. Kudos!

  6. Lovely - and know just what you mean. Can you keep out the media!? That's the big thing. k.

  7. What a beautiful scene captured--I hope it is more than a dream for you and your daughter. Wonderful images.

  8. Grace, a beautiful poem for your daughter- I love it :)

  9. lovely. It does get scary once they become 'interested' in boys. Mine is 16 now and.... phew! It's a scary time...LOL
    Beautiful pic and prose.

  10. A good age, until the teens come then yep scary indeed..haha

  11. 'do not hurry to grow up quickly,' every mother's plea. And yet they always do...

  12. All I can say is delightful!

  13. I agree with Pandamoniumcat - delightful

  14. I get that feeling, Heaven! We just want our kids not to grow up too fast. Sometimes we even make the mistake of imposing our decisions when they prefer theirs. Great write!


  15. "do not fall in love with boy just yet,
    I say but with the wonder of crystal raindrop
    and wingspan of the eagle above"

    I wish I'd heeded this when I was young...

    Your last stanza brings me to tears...

    So well written, Heaven, your writing is always so beautiful. Thank you for sharing yourself. :)

  16. What a beautiful sentiment! Reminds me a whole lot of the Taylor Swift song "Never Grow Up." Nicely done as usual!

  17. This is SO lovely and I hope she hears your wise and loving advice. I love "but with the wonder of crystal raindrop and wingspan of the eagle". Absolutely beautiful, tender and loving.

  18. Beautiful! I dream this dream...please stay the youthful girl, just a bit longer~ I love the crystal raindrops, too..
    How I wish we all could see this when we are young, to slow down and embrace the gift of now~ :D

  19. I agree with the beautiful sentiment here..children should be allowed all the time they need..or grow up. The images you drew into your writing were superb. Took me back to my own daughters' youth..of freckles and giggles..

  20. Replies
    1. sweet images of innocence growing up. Your message to your daughter is much like mine to my grand daughter at the cusp of womanhood.

  21. This lovely poem fulfills all the requirements of the challenge and adds its own weight in wonderful imagery. Excellent work.

  22. I miss shadows of winter :( I'm a penguin....

  23. Grow up...but not just yet? OK!

    I love that you give her options to otherwise suddenly become the tree, or the Monarch. What you have written is--for me--the perfect "Mother's Prayer"

    I pray also that she
    and others around the world
    pause, listen and
    with heed.


  24. Thank you to everyone for your support and lovely words ~ I appreciate them ~

  25. This is wonderful. I have given this advice to more than one young relative. Don't be in a hurry to grow up, I said, you're only young for a short time, then you're a long time old. One heeded me, and is grateful for my advice. One didn't, and wishes my advice had been followed.
    As Steve said, you've written a perfect mother's prayer. You have, indeed.

  26. sigh

    why do we rush to be adults? it's crazy.
    if i could go back, it wouldn't be to change my destiny,
    it would be to appreciate.

    wonderful write heaven.

  27. I am going to read this to my own daughter in a little while. It is perfect for her. She's a "tween" - caught between innocence and please not yet!

    As always, thank you, Heaven!

  28. So much to take away from this. Absolutely beautiful.

  29. Nice look into a mother's mind.

  30. wonderful poem with a string of exquisitely beautiful pastoral images.very very beautiful.

  31. Beautiful - and having raised 3 daughters I have had the same feelings and wishes for them as they grew up. They always seemed to be in a hurry to get older while I wanted them to stay so young and playful. The days (and years) flew by far too quickly. Though I do enjoy their life as young, strong women now.

  32. If I could say this to my daughter everyday I would. Lovely write

  33. We should read this to our children every day! Love this.

  34. oh, it's beautiful! And a great image. It's really beautiful, I'm beaming!


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