Wednesday 7 September 2011

All of Me

some nights

i just want 

to watch her

slow and sensuous waltz

breathing in

my warm musky scent

some nights 

i just want to 

let myself go

inhibitions, control, fears


let her have

all of me

Notes:  Some nights, I just want to write for myself.   No form, no inhibitions.

picture credit:  houseoferotica.tumblr


  1. i think on some level we all have those nights...and it is good to cut loose at times...

  2. sometimes it is good to give into those nights ;)

  3. Absolutely loved this! Glad your wrote it. ;-)

  4. Agreed some nights that's all most of us want to do.

  5. sensual and beautiful...some nights that's all we need.

  6. Structured writing is part of being in control, following the rules to the letter. But writing for one self is why we write, it makes us feel like a kid inside all over again.. Even though I was in awe of your different styles of writing, I had miss "the you". Welcome back, and please visit us kids more often... You know I love this write in the second voice... Very sensuous... 1Manview ...

  7. want to swallow this...
    great write:)

  8. Wow. "Hot Stuff"! It grabbed my husbands attention! :)

  9. i mean how do explain all the feelings in just a few lines...:)
    and all you write is so very true with every being...and the best part you don't inhibit yourself from writing with such a flow of open-mindedness....that's the beauty of your poetry...:)

  10. I wish you could convince Ada to feel the same...

  11. This version is actually the condensed version. The original is much longer and more descriptive. However I have learned that by putting a few choice words, it can send the same message and sometimes more powerful than a full description. I am glad to note that my mood resonated with you. Thanks for the visit ~

    1. Dickinson would agree.
      She wrote in an aphoristic manner too.

      I myself don't always have the patience or attention span to read OR write longer pieces.

      But sometimes we are left wanting more. . .
      like with your piece of all-of-you here.


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