Sunday 10 April 2011

The music we play

Grip me firmly
Strike the chords of my desire
Pluck my  breasts with your fingers
Pound my keys with your hands
Gently, now harder and faster

As you slam the bow against my violin
I forgot the lyrics of the ensemble piece
Amidst the crescendo of grunts and moans
And the notes of Ahs and Yes
Oh, what beautiful music we play together.    


  1. Like the poem and the picture ~

  2. This was a beautiful written piece of erotic poetry...
    also loved the pic...

  3. I adore this post. Simply beautiful.

  4. You can hear all this way over here, lol, thank you, much appreciated, WS

  5. Came here to return the compliment and clicked on a few things. All were as promised, intimate and erotic but some show a sense of humour sadly lacking in most writers. I chose to comment here because of the musical connection and because you bothered to set up for that picture, with bow and all!

  6. Playing together, yes. Been there--grin! All good musicians tune up first--it's the part I like best--you know, at least a bit of control.

    Love all your stuff, girl (poems!) Oh well, AND stuff, then--grin!

  7. Ah! I've been there in that musical duo, but ya know--musicians always have to tune up first, and that's the part I like best. Got a little bit of control over that, otherwise....

    I'm still liking everything you put out--(poetry)--grin!


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