Thursday 19 May 2016

Spring fever

the  sky
pink, blue, gold-
I  ache  for   green
dazzling leap of morn- 
Fragrance is you, rain-fresh
With the wild song in your eyes
Around us, earth buzzes - wings - life
Kiss, spice me madly  - I   want   to      do
With you what spring does with the cherry trees

“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”

― Pablo NerudaTwenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

I have been using this quote in my poems for the last 4 years at the height of the spring season so I am carrying my own tradition.  

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Etheree poetry form, hosted by Victoria Slotto ~

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  1. That is not a bad want to do as a blossoming comes due lol

  2. Oh I love how you used the Neruda quote... but even more: Kiss, spice me madly... what a wonderful poem.

  3. Lovely sensuality and imagery of this; and, oh, I really like the Neruda quote that inspired it.

  4. Wow, thrice blessed we are, at least, the sterling Etheree on a Golden Shovel to the lovely hum of Neruda. I like the lines /I ache for green/dazzling leap of morn--/.

  5. Wow, that quote is delicious, and how well you've taken it to such a beautifully sensual pitch. Kiss, spice me madly...yeah!

  6. Such a gorgeous execution of the form :D and oh that quote is to die for!

  7. This is an extraordinary poem, nicely highlighted with that quote.

  8. I find great treasure in Neruda's work. The use of that quote lured me to read. Your words made me continue! Certainly a wonderful write!

  9. What a wonderful tradition! And especially love these words: "Kiss, spice me madly"
    Really enjoyed this one!

  10. Spring fever, the desire to experience the beauty that it brings. It is finally green here it has been a slow awakening.

    I ache for green
    dazzling leap of morn

  11. Dab the sky ... kiss, spice me madly
    so many lovely phrases throughout

  12. What a great quote and I love that you use it every spring. I also love those passionate words, "Kiss, spice me madly!"

  13. Perfect quote to start a tradition with, and you did it justice.

  14. Gorgeous etheree, loving and full of optimism.

  15. Kiss,spice me madly - love that line!

  16. "With the wild song in your eyes" this description.
    I am also very fond of Pablo Neruda!

  17. SMiles..
    poEms SinG
    A SonG briGhtest
    iN breatHe oF DancE..:)

  18. Your piece is pregnant with meaning. :-) :-)


  19. Nice! I love that quote and the ways you incorporate it into your own beautiful poetry.

  20. Oh I love those last lines. Love, love, love.

  21. Your spring fever plays with intimacy in such a way that makes me sigh and swoon like a lovesick teenager. Love your work.


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