Thursday 14 July 2011

Tango Romantica

Passion, intensity, focus
The words hammered in her mind
As she smoothed down her red and black dress
In a few seconds, she will skate for the dance of her life

She locked eyes with her ice skating partner
In his fitting black ensemble,  he looked  dashing
Muscular and strong though built on the slim side
He can easily lift her now, more so then
when they first danced shyly as 6 and 9 year old kids

Head erect,  she held out her hand to begin  the routine  
She posed gracefully as they moved in beat 4
His hand on her back, they glided with deep clean edges
The lover’s dance,  the complex dance of tango

She is arrogant and unattainable
He must plead and be worthy of her love
His shoulders are stiff, chasing her
His legs crossed with a sharp sound
With a quick turn, he moved in close

She glided away, her back straight in a flash
His hand is warm at her waist, caressing
her side, he wanted  to plunge himself into her core
And spill his passion into her

In the ice rink, they moved in a curving fashion
Pouring their unrequited love, their unbridled tension
for the 1.43 second dance sequence,
surrendering to the music echoing in their hearts
no one intruded in their dance, not the crowd nor judges    

Years of practicing together 
Like two peas in a pod, has made it easy for them
to share one heartbeat,  one goal of glory  
More than best friends, their bond is deep and unexplainable 
They came first with each other, 
their lovers, an afterthought.             

From the side, their coach watched them  
Precise arms and leg movements at 112 beats per minute,
on ice their chemistry is undeniable
She knows what every skating fan and public suspects
that something more is added to bring
the tango dance technique into a spectacular flaming number

The skating partners moved closer, foreheads touching    
Closer, he wanted to ravish her
Her lips opened in anticipation
Beckoning him to savor her sweetness
Her heat, to pour his heart

The tension is palpable as they embraced for the final beat 
his thighs pressed close, his breath on her lips  
Do I have your heart ? he asked tenderly    
Theirs is a dance of seduction and capitulation
My love, it has always been yours, she whispered softly.

Author's Note:   This challenge is for Romantic Friday Writers:   Surrender.  Maximum word count is 400.

Picture:  Canadian Gold Medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, Ice Skating Competition, in  Vancouver Olympics in 2010, Canada. 


  1. Well you sure captured ice skaters and their supposed intensity of each other and their moves, even of the sound of the skates on ice, as they dance.
    Wonderful and romance-filled. I used to love watching Torville & Dean skate, they were magic on the ice.
    Great Friday Night Writers read, thank you.

  2. This is amazing!
    I've always been awestruck by ice skaters & ballroom dancers...their grace, poise, precision. You have captured the chemistry between these two perfectly & so vividly.
    I love the ending.

    Excellent entry!

  3. here is how i relate to wife was a ballet dancer and they needed make i danced for a season...and it is such an intimate experience...this is deliciously the chemistry in this as well...

    love the make over...a little lighter and artsy!

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments ~ I have watched an ice skating show featuring Tessa and Scott and its really awesome.

  5. i love it when the writer is able to create the picture in my mind perfectly.

    this. is. gorgeous.

  6. O wow! The imagery is brilliant. I love the intensity of this piece.

  7. Uh, yeah; this is why I watch ice skating. Couples in particular.

    Vividly visual; sensual. I could see it, feel it. The forms of the dance are as appealing as as the interractions of the supposed lovers. Awesome.


  8. Hi,

    Beautifully descriptive, atmospheric, dramatic and great sense of passion for the sport along with sensual intent between the skaters. A story in itself! Lovely.


  9. This is just fabulous. It's got such powerful and evocative descriptions.

    I love it.

  10. Love this - you have captured the essence of the sensuality of the tango and interwoven it with their love for each other.

  11. Wonderfully passionate and romantic. I love the tango. I love this post. ;-)

  12. P.S. I like the new look here, too. Delightful!

  13. Love the new look and also this write!
    Well done, Heaven!

    Margie :)

  14. Your descriptions were so tight, yet vivid...every word mattered, and created such a clear picture of the pair from multiple views--the crowd, the coach, within themselves.

  15. Love love love both figure skating & ice dancing.

    Watch your "to be" usageand present/past tense:
    "will be skating" - you could use "will skate." "She locked eyes with her ice skating partner
    In his fitting black ensemble, he looks dashing" - should be, he lookED dashing.

    I think this poem would have greater impact if you made everything past tense, EXCEPT for the parts in italics, which should be all present tense. "she glideS away... he wantS to plunge himself"

    You brought back some exciting, romantic memories here. Great job!


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