Sunday 2 October 2011

My face

i wipe Estee Lauder mirror 
have to fix myself first 
before we meet and talk    

rearranging my features
i draw Maybelline brown pencil to  
highlight wayward eyebrows, a definition 
then, splashing Revlon light hues around
make my eyes larger, almost mysterious  
powdering nose so it doesn't shine 
pinching cheeks to give it a sunny glow 
smudging pale lips to make it shimmer 

Mary Kay covers my distinct mole at side 
Lancome nude blush buries all traces that 
makes me stand out in a crowd, no that won't do 
i need to blend in so clip my mouth 
into a straight clothesline, mute my grief 
no smiling or even a grin showing as it will
give me lines and make my eyes small

have to look natural looking   
exude beautiful CoverGirl
like the ghost of a girl of 
my Vogue magazine
well now, i am ready 

i look like


Posted for D'Verse Poets Pub - Poetics  hosted by Victoria Ceretto-Slotto.   Prompt is Pop Culture:  Chose a cultural phenomenon, a product, an icon/idol or mass medium as the subject of your poem.  To be honest,  I had a difficult time connecting to the prompt as my mind is pre-occupied with family matters.  Anyway, I thought I would take a shot at the "face" of pop culture which for me is like a walking advertisement - that is make-up of course.  My apologies to my male readers for the girlie talk and promo words  ;-)   In real life, I hardly wear make-up though.

Poetry Jam - hosted by Margaret.  I think we are never happy or content with our face.  

Happy Sunday ~  

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  1. Hmm...that's debatable, isn't it? I adore the picture you chose, and indeed, the war paint is a double edged sword. Feeling pretty is a confidence booster, but trying to look like Model X can be an exercise in self-punishment.

  2. i am rather fond of the natural woman personally...maybe a little dab of scent if you must...but leave it up to the lady to determine...i am just here to tell her she is beautiful and lavish upon her...

  3. I must admitt I like women who wear makeup, but I never thought of it this way, like a mask, war paint.....well done.

  4. It's a full time job! You did fine with the prompt, Heaven. Thanks for joining.

  5. This one has been a struggle for me because I never wanted to wear makeup. My mother kept pushing it on me as a young teen. Then, I struggled for awhile to feel pretty without it. I hate that so many girls/women struggle with this. I wish I could wrap my arms around all of them and say you're beautiful just as you are.

    Now, I have a little girl who wants all things girly, so I have to be careful not to make girly things seem bad. There's a balance, but it's hard to find. Okay, I'll stop rambling on! Obviously a thought-provoking piece for me :)

  6. Irony I hope. But a very Pop Art concept, gilding the lily and name-branding yourself.

  7. blending in and standing out - finding the right balance and finding a yes to oneself no matter how we look - good approach here heaven

  8. women have to be strong to survive.

    fun looks on a woman's face.

  9. great job with the prompt and the face of pop culture. i think you're so very accurate. have a good new week.

  10. I hope the family matters are good ones :) nicely done.

  11. I like the picture you chose and the poem. I prefer the natural look too. So much 'gunk' clogs pores. But I know there is a time and place...but I have always wondered why women and not men. LOL.

  12. I love the paradox of using makeup to "look natural." It is strange that so many women don't feel like they look like themselves unless they have makeup on! Great write!

  13. Natural works best for me, make up can go to the sea and the mention of mary kay made me shiver, all the way down to my liver, another story there, with ladies with no eyebrow hair..haha

  14. As Fireblossom said, make-up can be a double-edged sword. It can enhance natural features or conceal the wearer, but it always saddens me when a woman feels unattractive without it.

    The psychology of cosmetics fascinates me. I wonder how many people give thought to the states of arousal that blush and lipstick mimic.

    Great post, this piece held my attention and got me thinking as always. xo

  15. I was just watching a mini lecture by one of the psychology professors at my alma mater and she was talking about how sexuality in pop culture has shifted to display, that intimacy between two people is no longer the focus of sexuality. Cosmetics and fashion seem to play a large role in this trend. Thank you for the thought provoking poem.

  16. I love what you did with the prompt. There's an awful lot of truth here.

  17. definitely a thought provoking piece!

  18. What great use of irony. It seems like most of recent pop culture has been a retreat from the "natural" in favor of the "marketable." You brought a very good idea to the front and expressed the problem well. Nice and clear, too. Fine job.

  19. I used to cringe when people saw me without makeup. I had an image to project but anymore, I'm happier being the base coat for the goo. Wonderful take on the prompt.


  20. makes one wonder how different the art of make-up was back in the sixties...

  21. Who needs make up? A soul like yours makes up a bunch of faces!

  22. I love a pretty face, that's all I know. But shouldn't be too pale(gets to be ghost-like)or too thick( gets to be like in a Chinese opera)

    Ahh..well, any lady is a pretty lady as she knows best how to please!


  23. Oh yes, I know this place. Nicely done!

  24. Yes, yes to everything you wrote about .... I've added hair color to my list!

  25. Very cleverly written to incorporate the world of makeup and artful disguises ...

  26. I have to admit I always feel a little better when I put makeup on. Honestly, it is the taking it off part that I really can't stand or sleeping in makeup. That gives me the willies. So many days I just go with out.

  27. I like Revlon , have worn th same shade of their foundation for over 30 years now. And Maybelline's dark brown mascara for 30 years too.

    Thinking a little under eye concealer would be nice lately. Need more sleep! :)

    Your clothesline lips, neat image!

    Oh, my Word Verification for this is hydrera -- maybe I need some of that for my face too??? :)


  28. I really like this . I loved the image of exuding "CoverGirl" confidence...

    The makeup industry depends upon all our silly insecurities!

    Very nice write.

  29. a woman and her makeup. it is a bond no man can understand. great, rich irony in this piece. perfect art too.
    i learned long ago i can tell a woman i like her best without any makeup, but the war paint isn't for me or any other man. it's for her. there's something deeply traditional about putting on a face, i guess.

  30. What an excellent take on this prompt, Heaven! You wrote a piece that has generated some of the most interesting comments, including from the guys. Barry's comment was so deep because this is a deep write about a shallow topic.

    Hope things improve quickly on the homefront.

  31. strong impressions,nicely written...

    I am a person who don't like artificiality and hollow formalities...

    Thanks heaven for sharing :)


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