Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day of the Dead

Beneath the moon’s sinister smile
A long shadow moves purposely
Behind the skull-crossed tombstones
Empty now of mourners, revelers

Leaving marigolds, candles, and bread
Baked for offering to departed souls
Prayers by incense-stained hands to atone
Sins of the dead, hollowed in fiery dust   

Scroundel he is not, as he marks
Each sculptured altar, as in a measure
Of gold and silver coins in his pocket
Purification of souls is his business.

"As the veil between the worlds of life and death is thin on this night, we take this time to remember our beloved dead."

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  1. very intriguing...intersting the ceremony...nice use of words as well...sinister smile...incense stained hands...

  2. this is an interesting piece... I like the 'sinister smile' of the moon (crescent shaped smile comes to mind).
    the long shadow moving amongst the tombs visual is piquing. Having grown up in the Southwest, this poem brought back fond childhood memories of the Hispanic culture there.
    Nice piece! thank you.

  3. Interesting and mysterious. Offerings of flowers and food, and sparks from the embers. More towards remembrance and respectful regard approach to observe a Day of the Dead.

  4. Really a lesson and verse all in one, giving some insights into the ceremony and a little bit of a fright, enjoyed as always.

  5. very descriptive; very nice.

  6. I like the feel of this...mysterious and lovely.

  7. Oh, I love the mystery of spiritual ritual : )

    'Leaving marigolds, candles and bread..." my favourite line. I also enjoy anything that incorporates 'altar' : ))

    -Eva (your sister esprit)

  8. mysterious unmarked man, marking graves for the dead, I like this

  9. I love how "Leaving marigolds, candles, and bread" just rolls off the tongue. Well said.

  10. Hey Heaven

    A festive feast of fear. The last line lends a shiver

    Happy Halloween

  11. A great one for the Hally season. "Purification of souls"...Guess that's what it is.

    Bet many people (including me) would rather exchange death for some ariel washing liquid if he was willing to negotiate. Just my sense of humour...don't mind me...*smiles*

  12. eerie, I read it like watching a movie.

  13. good set up with the moon's sinister smile..and then the incense-stained hands...shivers...happy halloween heaven..

  14. Poignant for me ...I received a life saving kidney from a donor 2 yrs ago on Nov 1st and take the day to remember his/her family ...thank you for sharing x

  15. Ohh~ A perfect poem for a perfect night.

    Lady Nyo

  16. Very different spin on the 'norm' for Halloween.
    Very good write from you again !

  17. Potent piece of writing. Like the mystery and images.

  18. I love the mystery, the undertones, really fits the subject matter. nice!

  19. Bread, eh? I bet the birds like that tradition too!

    And hey Heavenly Heaven, yours will be the second-next sidebar button to appear on my site. Now, what WILL I design it from... Hmn. Angels maybe??


  20. This makes me curious about the rituals of The Day of the Dead!

  21. Ahh!! Purification of soul... is his business.. wonders what you are talking about... death or living.. leaves an interesting thought after reading this dark ritual or rather ritual of light... I liked it so much...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
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