Saturday, 14 January 2012


Dear Mr. Botero,

How you flatter me ! 

My breasts, fuller than the moon  

My thighs, bursting watermelon wide    

My waist, replete with honeycomb   

Long hair, wild crimson silk     

Lips, soft as primrose petals

You painted on the canvas.

Like Aphrodite rising from the sea

Did you really see that

beneath my plain and ill-fitting dress?

But if you think so, 

then come by my room


I will wait

along with my oranges

fleshy round and sweet.  

Yours truly,


Author's Night:   Posted for D'verse Poets Pub:   Poetics by Fernando Botero
For today’s Poetics, I invite you to consider the visual art of Fernando Botero as an inspiration for your word-painting.  By Victoria Slotto.   

Poetry form:   I chose to write The Letter using Epistle.   Happy weekend ~      


  1. haha this is a love love the oranges at the end...haha...brilliant...smiles.

  2. Ha..ha...thanks for humoring me :-)

  3. haha..nice..he's probably too old by now..but he may be up for some orange eating..smiles

  4. LOL, I do wonder about the artist; wonder if the types of women he painted were the types of women he was attracted to! Your poem was a gem.

  5. Great great take, Heaven. The narrator obviously has an ego her physique.

  6. thank you so much for the smiles ...made me laugh ...loved it thank you x

  7. I love this...I just saw myself in his paintings with thighs like orange peels.

  8. What a charming lovely reply to this picture. You really capture the wonderful sensuality of the subject and perhaps the whimsical nature of her depiction by the artist. I love the way you turn back on the artist something of his own satire.

  9. you flatter me - LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  10. My smile's so wide it hurts! I love the idea of a letter. And the invitation. It does make you wonder what kind of woman he likes.

  11. ROFL.... well, in a minute, soon as I get off this laptop.
    I even showed this to hubby and he cracked up too!

    So funny, loved this!

  12. LOL that was great, obviously has some attitude issues there, love it.

  13. Yowza, one up for the ending!

  14. OMG, I so love this! LOVE the amazing picture and the narrative was a total hoot. Awesome.

  15. What a hoot! Excellent, Heaven!

  16. How perceptive of her to see that it flatters her. Most wouldn't, but then she has that extra layer of beauty - which you have given her.

  17. Made me smile. Great choice of form.

  18. very descriptive and colorful, enjoyed the read very much

  19. LOL! I love your letter! It is perfect!

  20. Oh my gosh, I cannot stop laughing!!! This was perfect, particularly the italicized "tonight" and the inclusion of the oranges. :)


  21. I love this! I don't know whether I find it funny or sad or both that this type of woman would find herself beautiful and the picture flattering. Says a lot about what type of physical features we value in our society. Good write and more to think about than appears at face value!

  22. Splendid response to this photo! A sensitively humorous piece.


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