Thursday 22 December 2011

Gift of us

silence of the morning
finds our limbs in restful embrace
i breathe in your warmth
lingering of night's silvery ride

white dawn slowly glimmers
shading corners dusky light
wool blanket wraps tight our
pink memories and purple hued journey

here, now
my pale lips seek your kiss
calming beat of roaring sea
grateful for us

Happy Holidays to all my readers and friends !!!

Posted for Theme Thursday:     Prompt is Gift  
Flash Fiction Friday:   For the G-Man :   Tell a story in 55 words.   

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  1. A morning sight that would never cause a plight. Little moments such as these are what really please. Happy holidays too! To you from the rhyming crew.

  2. So much love depicted here. Thank you for sharing. Nicely written!

    Erick Flores

  3. Love the contrast of calming heart and roaring sea.

    Blessings to you and yours for a wonderful holiday!

  4. What a lovely gift, too!

    Going to be all un-politically correct and say:

    Merry Christmas.

  5. A beautiful gift, indeed!
    A beautiful write!

    Enjoy the holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year full of much joy!

  6. I beg your forgiveness for my cutting and pasting my comment, but there was no way on Earth I would be able to make it around the whole globe to wish everybody a Merry Christmas otherwise.

    The magical elves that constitute my staff have demonstrated their lack of respect in either not showing up for work at all, or those that have all seem a little worse for wear (if you catch my drift). All they seem to do is sit around smoking cigarettes that, frankly, smell funny. In addition, they play cards and tell dirty jokes rather than do their jobs! Consequently, the reindeer are all filthy and out of shape.

    I now have my two sons pulling the sleigh, but they are struggling. I’ve been told that it’s a big ask for a three and five year old, but I made it this far with a couple of mangy chooks, an arthritic wallaby and three peculiar wombats! Unfortunately, we lost all bar one wombat over Pittsburgh (and the sole survivor is exhibiting clear signs of PTSD).

    Anyway, all the way down here at the bottom of the world (A.K.A. Tasmania), and from myself, Jen, Henry and Ezra, please have a Merry Christmas/Winter Solstice/Hanukkah/Festivus/Ashura and a happy New Year!

    I hope that all of your holiday photos turn out to be triumphs, your stocking is stuffed full of lots of tasty treats and not coal and that all your pumpkin pies/ prawn cocktails/ currywurst are all as tasty as can be!

  7. calming beat and roaring sea...nice contrast in one line there...and not a bad way to wake up eh?

    have a lovely holiday heaven...

  8. and congrats on being featured...

  9. much reason to be thankful when you can still hear the roaring of the sea in the morning..smiles

  10. Sigh. This was simply lovely. The silvery ride, the pink memories, the purple hued journey. Lust, love, whatever, masterfully played within the confines of 55 words. This was a wonderful read.

  11. This is beautiful!

    Heaven, it's my turn to pick someone for the Real Toads personal challenge. Are you interested?

  12. Lovely sensual write. Mary Christmas to you!

  13. "wool blanket wraps tight our
    pink memories and purple hued journey"


  14. Happy holidays and warmest season's greetings my friend Heaven. This is beautiful.

  15. wonderful! happy holidays!

  16. Hello.
    No better way to wake up.
    Perfectly sensual gift. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    An Inscription Of Love

  17. Thanks for the reminder. My relationship with my beautiful husband is the greatest gift of all, 365 days a year.

    The gift of us, indeed!! :)

    Happy TT and happy holidays!!

  18. Heaven...
    You are one of the most pleasant surprises and additions to our little blogging circle.
    Your colorful 55 was lovely
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End
    Merry Christmas

  19. Passionate and precious.

    Thanks for the visit and comment. The ending can make or break the story, or a poem about a cup of tea. Glad you liked it.

  20. Merriest of Christmas wishes to you! xoxo

  21. Amazing! Very well penned :)
    Merry Christmas :)

  22. Oooo, I like me some silvery night rides!! ;)

    Beautiful, as always.


  23. Heaven,
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Great verse!


  24. Thank you for your kind words, not only in the form of well-wishes for the holidays but for all you've said this year. I'm thankful you came to me and we've had a chance to know each other in some way.

    I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May your days be filled with light, love and happiness this season, and always.


  25. Well all I can say is that the picture this paints in my mind is wonderful and full of many memories. Truly enjoyed this and such a wonderful gift.

    Thank you so much for sharing this on this weeks Theme Thursday and I hope you share many more.

    Merry Christmas.

    God bless.

  26. lovely gift
    Merry Christmas dear... may this b the happiest of all !!

  27. the gift of love...excellent write!
    merry christmas!

  28. very romantic and lovely. k.

  29. How do you actually do it..everytime mesmerizing posts as always..

  30. As Janis sang, get it while you can, girl.

  31. it reaches my spine..beautiful

  32. You do write the most beautiful sensory poetry.

  33. hot, sweet, and yummy,

    glad to visit.

  34. beautifully sensuous and vivid.lovely poem.

  35. Heavenly moments together, Heaven!

  36. oh this was so well written! your phrasing!! it's all so silky smooth - nicely done! sensual and poetic.

  37. Sweetly romantic without being cloying. Beautiful color images-silver, pale, dusk. Wow.

  38. Heaven...
    What a treasure you are.
    Loved your 55.
    You always make the effort to contribute a Top Notch entry.
    You Rock The Planet!!
    Thanks for playing, and please have a Kick Ass New Year!

  39. Lovely poem and picture!


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