Thursday 1 March 2012


color of morning is white
and cold

freezing rain falls on her face unheeded
eyes closed,     

she hears crashing
waves of sea,  sun-drenched words 

leaping, reaching her core in 
unending refrain

she moves closer, marveling

the string, she cannot cut 
not even in death.

so she sleeps
bubble-wrapped in marble,  

waiting for his rebirth.

Posted for Poets United:   Think Tank:   Rebirth - I read some of the posts and thought I will take another route to the theme.        
And Flash Fiction Friday 55:   Tell a story in 55 words - For the G-Man.   Thanks for the visit.

"In 1987 I was asked by his Widow Christina to carve a figure called "Asleep" in Carrara marble as his gravestone. " 

ArtistPeter Schipperheyn, born Melbourne Australia 1955-  Title:  "Asleep"  carved 1987 Dimensions: 460 mm in height by 2020 mm in length by 800 mm in depth [life-size figure].  Medium:Carrara Statuario Marble. Present locationMt Macedon Cemetery, Mt Macedon. Victoria.

Story and view of the sculpture in another angle:   

picture source:    


  1. This is powerful Grace... especially the last three lines!

  2. I've seen that gravestone before, but your words give it much more meaning than just having seen the picture.
    Gentle, vivid, lovely.

    1. It is a haunting photo. Thanks for the visit ~

  3. sweet and sad yet there is an air of hope even if just in the far off memory

  4. Now THAT is some gravestone. I adore your poem. I think the fellow lying under that stone might have a hard time sleeping:)

  5. Grace...
    This pierces the Soul!
    Fantastic 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to play today,
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Didn't even need the pic, you described it perfectly. It is kind of haunting a bit though and nice leaving it with some hope though, have a nice night at your show.

  7. sherry....bubble wrapped in marble...nice....hope that rebirth comes...

  8. A touching account of the one left behind.

  9. A beautiful and sad poem. Lovely images and apt words for your theme.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  10. So cold the descriptions of the first few lines and that of marble suggest timeless, inside a preservation of love that is warm. Beautiful write. :)

  11. I love "bubble-wrapped in marble."

  12. Excellent, almost like a fairy tale in the making, very creative angle on the prompt.

  13. Quite wonderful.....your poem and also the sculpture.

  14. A beautiful poem and tribute. The photo really brings it home. This was an amazing story that I had never heard before. Thank you for sharing it and your poem.

  15. Wow, that is some gravestone sculpture. Beautiful, but eerie. Your poem is a wonderful complement to the sculpture!

  16. Grace,
    I loved your imagery, it so describes the beauty, then you shock us.
    I loved it, sad but so describes this fragile passage of time.
    I have to read it again : )

  17. You sure have a kncak of capturing beauty.

  18. I like the flow and tempo, Grace. The words make the image even more lively. Well done.

  19. Wow! Just, wow!

  20. Your poem is wonderful and stands alone, but when the sculpture is explained, it really expands the meaning and takes one to another level. I enjoyed this so much.

  21. "bubble-wrapped in marble"

    Wow, that is cool.

  22. wonderful.yes, you have treated the theme unconventionally. :)

  23. lovely poem and very striking image...

  24. just beautiful.


  25. nice poem ,and that is one very interesting and lovely grave... if graves can be called lovely. I'd like a grave like that with a naked hunk lying forever on top of me :)


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