Tuesday 14 June 2011

Kiss me goodnight

your eyes are unblinking 
as you gasped your last breath
your hands are cold
as you trembled in my warmth  

i held your face so pale and fair 
though in the shadow of sadness
tis your courage that gives me courage
tis your strength that gives me strength

my pulse quickened and vibrated strongly 
as death finally embraced you    
your heart, though still now, beats in me
resonates within me, around me

you are free now to soar to the heaven
your pain and aches are gone
don't say goodbye, my love
just let me kiss you goodnight

Author's Note: This is my first entry to the One Shot Wednesday.  Do check out the others participating in this community.

picture credit:   cristania.tumblr


  1. we die a bit each time we reach that moment of release, both in the intimacy and the parting...lovely write...and welcome to one shot!

  2. This was a sad piece that was filled with a lot of love.

    Welcome to OSW. Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting. I appreciate it.

  3. Very nice one shot, a great romantic feel to it, job well done.

  4. There's a twinge of sadness here, but the love is also evident.

    Nice first entry to One Shot.

    Here's mine:

  5. beautiful and sad.
    lovely write..
    welcome to one shot:)

  6. superb, absolutely superb!

  7. strange how close both seems to be...the dying and reaching that place where life seems to cumulate in abundance before it explodes and we fall into each other...loved this and a warm welcome to one shot

  8. Nice to meet all of you. I appreciate your warm welcome and lovely comments.

  9. Céu,

    As bocas são o palco
    onde as línguas vão dançando
    ao nosso sabor,
    molhadas e nuas de desejo...



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