Tuesday 20 November 2018

darkly, yours

at last, the day folds to dusk
and our stiff masks fall aside, forgotten

in the room, ready for the flint of our skin
my fingers trace, retrace veins of desire

remembering the drip of golden honey
from mouth of your song 

love me
with all the certainty you can muster

night air bristles, the way spice darkens 
chocolates to red

sweet, with heat, twines with peppered kick
we melt: sea of flames 

the sight of strawberry moon, rising
to straddle your hips 

slow dance of tango, 
musky perfume of ripe fruit, fresh rain

raking memories stolen with hard kisses
in your arms, enamoured 

by the fire in your eyes, blazing bold
as stark blue flower-

i am sky - resting amidst waves of contentment
as starlight dims

love, hold me closer 
you are the salt of my poetry

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Desire and Sexuality, hosted by guest HA, Anmol.   It's been some time I have published a poem in this blog.   Please join us when the pub opens at 3pm EST. Thanks for the visit ~


  1. Grace, this is so magnificent and beautiful.

  2. This is wonderful.. love how you write from this blog... I had forgotten how hot you could write. This tastes a lot like Neruda...

  3. Love the use of only couplets for the coupling

  4. Oh my. There it is. That's the good stuff.

    Anybody else need a cigarette? (I don't even smoke!)

  5. Better than the muse is the salt of poetry.

  6. The perfect blend of poetic sensuality and fetching form; couplets work well as stated. This one does over reach the mere romantic, and dangles its toes in the erotic; nicely penned. I like the line /raking memories stolen with hard kisses/.

  7. Woww!💞 This is heavily sensuous and alluring, Grace. Especially love; "night air bristles, the way spice darkens chocolates to red."💞

  8. Such contentment waves sure are fine by we

  9. Oh man Grace, this is lush, rich, in its feel, sound, taste, and fragrance. What a sensual tour de force. I need to see where my wife... ;-). Beautiful work!

  10. Ooh, the sensual kick and energy in it is bristling, wholesome and beautiful — there is a deep bond and connection as we wade through the delicate ripple of this imagery which makes it even more satisfying.

    I loved this bit: "sweet, with heat, twines with peppered kick/we melt: sea of flames // the sight of strawberry moon, rising/to straddle your hips". And the sweet, sweet ending too.

  11. Wow, Grace...I mean, Scarlet...well done.

  12. Fabulous writing, Grace/Scarlet! I could rave about every line but there’s isn’t enough time this morning. :) The lines I’d pick out as exceptional are connected to taste:
    ‘remembering the drip of golden honey
    from mouth of your song’
    ‘you are the salt of my poetry’.

  13. Fabulous, the undercurrent is strong *grin*

  14. Scarlet woman! such exquisite imagery and imagination
    "twines with peppered kick
    we melt"

  15. Gorgeous!! Oh to be the salt of someone's poetry...

  16. "the flint of our skin"...honey, spice, pepper, strawberry, chocolate, salt...a feast of a poem...well done..Jim

  17. love me
    with all the certainty you can muster - love this line so very much
    oh Grace this is another side of you that is so beautifully expressed.
    I am sky...oh this says so much without even trying. I am a mess of feelings now!

  18. You do sensual with incomparable beauty!


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