Thursday 26 May 2016


we wax the full moon
silver fruit
then slice it
        petal by petal 
        leaf by leaf as if
hidden in its deepest core-
seeds of pomegranate 

our palms are 
chalices of wild honey
brimming our tongues
with lushness of
         blossoming lilacs

the fragrance is heady
dripping with awareness
that spring season is very short-  

and suddenly
between us, 
       night is velvet-apple
       sky is passionate violin 
strumming every kiss to heady brew 
bewitching wings to soar from the whirlwind

through all the rush, swell & ebb
spinning us madly out of orbit
we land  
          here, our safe harbor
          our ocean sand of silence

as we shut our eyes to sleep
we murmur a promise:  
never say 

Posted for:   D'verse Poets Pub - OpenLinkNight where I am hosting ~  Come & join us when pub opens starting at 3pm EST ~  This is a belated response to Abhra's Unintended Farewells prompt last Tuesday.


  1. Love the structure and setting of the poem, the way in which every stanza is a memory that builds strength for what's to come, the justification for staying away from the "goodbye". They done so much, have so much to remember...

  2. the fragrance is heady
    dripping with awareness
    that spring season is very short-

    Love the lush images in your verse.
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  3. Beautiful and fragrant imagery in this.

  4. Oh I love the thought of going to sleep as a small goodbye... What a wonderful lush poem you have brought us...

  5. When you write as Scarlet, the poem is always so lush and deeply passionate. The sky as a violin...oh my. And I have to wonder if that velvet apple is the first original fruit. I enjoyed reading this several times, rolling the passages around in my mouth, like that velvet apple.

  6. This was a powerful and sensuous poem. Excellent.

  7. Back again Grace - What a seemingly inexhaustible well of lush sensuality your poetry so consistently is... Remarkable and always so refreshing to my spirit... And 'lush' as Bjorn quite rightly says is certainly the word for this piece...

  8. I admire your work no matter which name you ply. All works shine brightly. Although Scarlet may have a touch more fire (but that happens when you lose the inhibitions of self!). Love the results either way!

  9. Sigh, my heart aflutter, as the words pass by. Longing, for such a soul, to enter, into my life, forever.

  10. Beautiful! I have missed being in this space. Life has been hectic and it feels so lovely to read your words again.

  11. There are so many interesting layers and meanings to this one. I for one really admire how you've structured this.

  12. Lovely grace, such beautiful contemplative images.

  13. You write so beautifully, absolutely gorgeous imagery! I especially love the pomegranate core........

  14. So vivid and beautiful the images you've created here..

  15. Ah! The flowers, the fruit, the wind. Such a feral feel.

  16. The sensuous drip of your honeyed words have always been a pleasure to read - the pomegranate core, velvet-apple and spice of lilac fragrance. I am swept away by the romanticism and eroticism of your writing - even at a time when I don't feel very romantic myself.

  17. Beautiful! Especially like the separate positioning of the "safe harbor" -a landing of the words within the writing itself. Beautiful!

  18. A very sensual poem. I hope that these two lovers never do have to say goodbye!

  19. Sleep is a little goodbye until one lover bats an eye then things get spry lol

  20. The moment of never
    say Goodbye can last
    ForevernoW as long as hELLo
    Now lasts in the heat of LovinG
    every moment wiTh LuST for LiFe..
    And trUly one who has LUst for aLL A' LiFe..
    can be happy with just one bed on the head
    sadly.. for some
    folks the great main
    pleasure is a variety
    of places to put stuff in
    and take stuff out.. and or buy it.. BuTT
    the heARt..the SoUL.. the SpiRit kNoWs
    more that putting
    stuff in
    and out and buying
    in different places..
    as objects over LoVE..:)

  21. Rich language and languishing words. Lovely.

  22. "Moontide" is such a lovely title. Your words are oozing with delicious imagery and the passion flows to infinity with promises of never saying goodbye.

  23. we land here, our safe harbor
    as we shut our eyes to sleep
    we murmur a promise:
    never say goodbye

    There is a feeling of wanting to be together with a loved one in the lines. Perhaps in the safe confines of the home. Great ending Grace! It is always nice to read where thee is a finality.


  24. Ths stunning visuals you use... the delicious, ripe metaphors... I can't even cite my favorite lines... the whole thing is a feast for the eyes.

  25. I love that opening imagery of the moon as silver fruit being sliced, and it just goes on from there with each luscious stanza.

  26. She must be a witch ! A good witch, perhaps, but a witch is a witch ! Burn her ! (Evidence of "witchness" = reference to the moon; use of the words "fruit" and "dripping", "tongues" and "swelling". Need I say more ?!)


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